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Zee Entertainment Enterprises owns and operates Zee5 portal, an on-line subscription movie and over-the-counter, pay-per-view service. It was launched initially in India on 15 February 2021 with first content in English, Hindi and Tamil. Subscribers can avail of a library of more than two thousand titles across all languages. The movies are classified under different genres like action, fantasy, family and superheros, music, sports and thriller. Subscribers can search for the title they want by genre or actor and search within a database to find it.

Subscribers can rate movies they have watched and shared by sharing their thoughts in the Zee forums. To make your search even easier, you can search for a specific actor and category. By adding your entry key, you will get detailed information about the movie, including reviews and ratings. To add more movies or actors, simply enter the key word and then click on ‘Search’.

In the second half of last year, Zee acquired another pay-per-view movie series called Zee Blast. The new series follows the same format as Zee5, offering a wide range of movies grouped based on budget and genre. The new series, which started its life as a digital cable television show, is available in different countries and is gaining fast popularity.

Apart from Zee Blast, Zee Movies is offering its subscribers three brand new movie channels. This is in addition to its existing pay-per-view and movie channels. The new series of Zee Movies includes Zeeourage, which is ideal for thrillers and action movies; Zee cops and robbers, which includes popular movies like CSI, Alias, Man On The Moon and Minority Report; Zee international, which features movies from all over the world; and Zee soldiers, which is focused on war movies from past and present times. All the movies in this new series are produced by the best known and best experienced independent movie producers and directors. The movies are produced by studios and production companies that are known for their high quality programming.

The Zee Movies new series is proving to be a hit. The subscription numbers have been quite encouraging and steady. The company also offers a month-long free trial for Zee Movies Gold membership, giving users the option of viewing up to five movies for thirty days. With this service, one can enjoy all the movies they want, for a low monthly charge. It is great value for money, and one must not miss out.

However, there is one thing that could put a dampener on Zee Movies. The site is quite new and so it may take some time for them to gain sufficient popularity among audiences, especially people who do not watch movies on regular television channels. So for now at least, Zee Movies remains a very niche player, but the future is bright. They could make it big if they offer more premium channels and pay per view slots.

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