Your Guide to Luxury RV Winter Road Safety

Hitting the road this winter is exciting, but also comes with a range of hazards that you should be properly prepared for.

But that is not without saying that taking your luxury rv out for a winter trip of a lifetime isn’t a great idea. Because it certainly is! Especially when you look at how expensive and hotels and flights are in the next few months.

Plus, we are still very much In a pandemic where practicing social distancing is always a good idea. And a luxury RV really does provide you and your loved ones with the chance to have a bubble holiday and the freedom to really go anywhere you want.

And while any road trip should have a checklist of items to review before you hit the road, there are some extra items to consider to ensure that your RV road trip will enable you to drive on the roads safe this winter.

To help make sure that you have the time of your life on your luxury RV road trip, we have put together a guide on how to travel the roads this winter safely.

1. Check if your RV is “winter-ready”

When we say “winter-ready” we mean making sure that your luxury rv can handle freezing temperatures and won’t become a freezer overnight. To make sure that your rv is ready for those winter temperatures when hitting the road, you want to make sure that your water tanks are empty, that the water heater is drained and that the plumbing is disabled. Yes, this will mean that you can’t use the bathroom as you normally would be able to if you are traveling to a place that is going to see freezing temperatures. But it will ensure that your RV will still be able to operate properly and not cause you any frustrating problems to have to solve.

2. Make sure you have a heater

Your luxury RV is likely already cozy, but trust us—it can get cold overnight! And the last thing you want to deal with when driving on the winter roads is your hands going numb and you being distracted as a result. So get a heater for your rv that will ensure you will feel relaxed and comfortable both while sleeping and while you are on the road.

3. Ensure you have snow chains

If you plan on taking your luxury RV to somewhere cold this winter, you will want to make sure you either have snow tires or at least snow chains. Many roads actually require all vehicles to have snow chains if weather conditions get too frigid, so this will ensure that you can continue your road trip and do so safely. But you will also want to check to make sure that your RV model can handle snow chains. If they can’t, perhaps plan your road trip to go somewhere that isn’t quite as cold.

4. Bring extra food

Winter conditions increase the likelihood of your RV running into mechanical issues. And the last thing you want to have happened is being stuck on the side of the road while help comes without any food. So before you even start your trip, make sure you have plenty of water and food packed away within the RV so that you can wait out the storm or until help does arrive.

5. Store a snow shovel and ice scraper

These two winter essentials should always be in your luxury rv for a winter road trip. That is because you will need them to help dig your rv out if it gets buried in a snowstorm overnight. Or if you need to chip away the ice from your windows so that you can safely see before hitting the road again after a night at a campground.

6. Always check the weather forecast

While weather can be unpredictable, you should always try to check the weather forecast for the destination you are planning on traveling to before you actually hit the road. That way, you can make sure that it is actually safe to use those roads and that you won’t get into a stressful situation—as no one wants to drive through a blizzard. The great part about a luxury rv is that you can easily change your travel plans. So when in doubt, simply change course and head south to warmer weather instead.

These six tips and tricks will help you still have a memorable and safe road trip this winter—and experience the beautiful outdoors as it is blanketed in pure, white snow.

Where will you be heading in your luxury RV this winter?

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