You Need A Coach In Warzone

Even if you think that you don’t, you still do. With the largest update for the game already out, there are just too many things you’ll need to learn again. Warzone is like a completely new game now. Between the new map and the new arsenal of weapons, all of the players right now really struggle to get things right. What seemed like a trivial task is now more difficult than ever. Even the big streamers are either complaining about the game’s numerous bugs and disbalance, or they are just not liking the new map for, you’ll never guess it, being completely new. No surprise there, come to think of it, the only other major map change was when the Vedansk got its 80s version. But now, the entire thing is different. There are no more tall buildings to hide in. There are much fewer urban-like POIs, fewer roads for transport. And then the guns just don’t feel the same anymore. Remember what we started Warzone with? Thermal scopes, canted sights, night vision. Then we descended into the Cold War-inspired arsenal of weapons. But now, we’ve gone even further into the past. Now we must use the WW2-era weapons. What’s next? Swords and bows? With everything that’s different in the game, you should surround yourself with Warzone coaches – professional gamers and long-term fans of the game, who have been spending their time adjusting to the new conditions of the game, mastering new tactics, and finding new meta loadouts. Something that’s polarly opposite to what everyone else is doing right now – complaining. Yes, it cannot be denied – the game has its issues. But the community must also understand that we’re not likely to return to Verdansk. It means you’re stuck with Caldera for at least the following year.

That being said, there’s no better way to learn to play the game than by playing it with someone who is really good at it regardless of the map. You also can’t rely on the in-game’s Warzone LFG system, which puts you in a squad with randoms. No, you want to find a team of dedicated players who will be willing to share their knowledge with you if you want it. Sure, you might find skilled players around. But if you ever did, then you know of their “huge ego” syndrome. They are so full of themselves that it makes it impossible to play together. Let alone learn anything from such players. The only logical reason and the right thing to do is to find a company that offers a roster of professional players and coaching programs where you will be playing with nice and friendly but also extremely skilled players. That’s when you’ll really start to learn and understand the game. You wouldn’t believe what playing with good teammates can do to your perception of a game. You’ll learn how to win, and most importantly, you’ll learn how to make a strategy that will make you win more games. Maybe you need to work on some of your skills or learn a few new tricks. The only way to do all of that effectively is through the Warzone coaching sessions. This is where you will be able to unlock your potential, and no new map or different ground loot won’t be able to stand in your way. So, start looking for such a service provider, and you will surely end up finding the best of the best. And when you do, you’ll be able to also partake in their exclusive tournament where you and your coach will be playing against other teams of similar skill. The possibilities are truly endless here. All you need is the will to improve. That’s how you will rediscover this game for yourself and make new connections!

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