Why the CDC Wants You to Use a Screen Guard

The CDC and several other reputable organizations have recommended the use of sneeze guards as a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Sneeze guards are ideal for separating people in crowded areas like airports, schools, and places of business. Barriers like sneeze guards have been used even before the pandemic as a sanitary and protective tool.

Here are some places where you might have seen sneeze guards in action:

  • Buffets, salad bars, and other places that serve open food.
  • Grocery and retail stores use sneeze guards to keep employees at the counter safe from germ risks.
  • Banks also use screen guards to protect employees at the counter.
  • Gyms use screen guards to create private spaces for members.

What’s the Logic Behind Using Sneeze Guards?

In 2020, the New York Times described screen guards as a “must-have perk” in modern corporate office environments. That’s because these guards are amazingly effective at controlling the spread of germs and the COVID19 disease. Most of the virus transmission happens in the air – through sneezes, coughs, and breathing.

When you install a sneeze guard on your desk or on your table, you receive total protection. You make sure your sneezes, coughs, and breaths only travel as far as the guard. More importantly, the sneezes, coughs, and breaths of other people don’t pass through your protective barrier.

Sneeze guards are made of acrylic sheets. These synthetic materials don’t allow any microparticle to pass through. When we sneeze, the microparticles from our noses travel at speeds higher than 100 miles per hour. The sneeze guards can easily absorb these fast-flying particles.

The CDC highly recommends the use of sneeze guards in schools and classrooms because –

  • Unvaccinated children don’t run the risk of getting infected if they’re always under the protection of these guards.
  • Even teachers gain from sneeze guards. They can teach freely without worrying about one of the students giving them exposure to the virus.
  • With fewer exposure risks, students and faculty members will not fall sick as often. Technically, using screen guards means fewer sick days off for teachers and students.

The best part about screen guards is their reusability. No matter how many millions of germs these guards absorb – they’re always reusable. Students simply need to disinfect and sanitize these guards after each use.

Plus, acrylic screen guards are easy to fold and carry. Children can easily bring their own screen guards to school (if the school doesn’t provide them).

How to Maximize Protection from Screen Guards

Consider these factors before buying, installing, or using sneeze guards to get the best protection from them:

  • Make sure the panel sizes, mounting systems, and other customizations are suitable for your application. For instance, do you want to use your sneeze guard to create a separate workstation? Make sure you pick appropriately-sized guards.
  • Make sure the protective barriers aren’t too short or too narrow. They must be of the right height and thickness to be super-effective.
  • Pick guards with clear cast acrylic panels as they’re super-robust and long-lasting.

Schools, companies, and other institutions should always buy screen guards in bulk to get massive discounts.

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