Why Technological Innovation Is Vital to Overcoming the Productivity Challenge

Sparking productivity in a team is not just something that happens by individual employees pushing themselves to get the job done. As a manager or business owner, you should help your employees reach optimal efficiency. After all, that’s one of your tasks – even if it’s not written anywhere. You’re the grease that gets them going.

And your ally in achieving that can be technology. Pushing for technological innovation helps on multiple fronts – boosting productivity can lead to bigger revenue and scaling your business.

So, let’s unlock this treasure trove that is productivity and see all the goodies it holds.

The Ongoing Productivity Challenge of the 2020s

We can pour over different studies that focus on how we’re all doing work-wise in recent years. But there are so many overlapping factors changing our work habits that it will be years, maybe even decades, before we can settle on what had the biggest impact on our work habits and routines. Was it the unstoppable rush of technological innovation? Was it the (ongoing) COVID-19 pandemic? The ensuing inflation? The doomsday mindset many of us consequently adopted, making us sluggish and unmotivated?

Or maybe it’s all of the above. Some of those things are causes, the others are painful symptoms.

But whatever the culprit, some employees, or whole teams, are feeling indifferent. Others are feeling a lack of value as if remote work has robbed them of the chance of having their voices heard during meetings and brainstorming. One study concluded that productivity growth shows no drastic deviation from the slowing pre-pandemic productivity trend.

That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t, as business owners and managers, ignore what we’re seeing with our own eyes – the aforementioned individuals and teams that would be grateful for some motivation and a chance to see value in what they do for a living.

In this article, we’re focusing on technology innovation and how it can be a useful tool for helping our staff out. It’s a win-win situation – workers feel more inspired or motivated to do their jobs better and quicker. And you get a workforce that helps you achieve your business growth goals.

Ways Technological Innovation Plays a Huge Role in Overcoming the Productivity Challenge

Here are a few ways technology increases productivity in business using innovation:

It Provides Better Communication

A lack of proper communication in an organization impacts productivity. Meetings, emails, brainstorming sessions – all these things stimulate our creativity, bond us, and update us on ongoing activities and planned projects. Simply, if you are out of the loop – you’ll feel less motivated to work.

And if you add in the factor of remote teams working in different time zones – keeping in touch won’t be that easy. 

Things such as communication tools can help here. Using collaboration and messenger apps such as Slack gives you a place where you can share files, make calls, and hold regular meetings. Whether you want to contact one person or update a whole team- Slack makes the process seamless. And if you are working with an outside player, like a product development consultancy, not only will technology help you facilitate your communication, but your workers will be unburdened from certain tasks and motivated to work on other ones.

That makes things like endless and confusing email threads obsolete. There’s more room for creativity, and less room is given to endless and demotivating rummaging for information. 

It Automates and Systematizes Workflows and Processes

Speaking of endless rummaging for data, there are other useful ways you can streamline complex workflows and operations. You can equip your team with software that has features that ease mindless and time-consuming tasks. An example of such tasks is collecting data, sorting it, and paying bills.

Different sectors – from marketing to operations – can benefit from automation. Workflow platforms such as Jira or ClickUp make automating certain tasks and cycles in product development a breeze.

Turning over recurring and monotonous tasks to innovative software and hardware can boost productivity. It also lowers the omnipresent chance of human error.

Giving the spotlight to technology allows you and your staff to focus on core business tasks and creativity-enhancing activities.

It Simplifies Setting and Meeting Targets

You’ll find a remarkable resemblance in the success stories of well-known people: almost all of them had a dream and a fervent urge to realize it. Several also had well-organized, thorough plans of action for accomplishing targets. Setting goals has power, and technology can help you design and follow your road map to success.

You can keep track of your goals and schedule daily, weekly, and monthly reminders using innovative software. That can aid in schedule management and priority setting. Again, platforms like Jira and ClickUp are a godsend for keeping ourselves in check, not demotivating.

It Gives Better Work-Life Balance

Here is a simple rule – innovative technology boosts the chances of bigger revenue. Play your cards right, use technology correctly, and you’ll soon be the dominant player in the field.

And a chunk of that revenue can be allocated to your staff. After all, they helped you get to your throne. So handing out some bonuses, promoting certain individuals who stood out, and adjusting paychecks for inflations all help keep worker satisfaction high. A satisfied worker will be much happier to work for you since they’ll have a much better picture of the perks they get. A person who has money to spend outside of work on friends and family has a better chance of keeping a healthy work-life balance.

Final Word

Technology innovation holds countless ways of making our lives easier. It can unlock your team’s potential for bolder challenges, better workflows, and increased productivity. Everything has its risks, but even in innovation failure, there are lessons to be learned and implemented during the next innovation round. Remember, the only constant is change. So why not strive for innovative and positive change that boosts productivity and leads toward business growth?


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