Why Should You Use a Background Check Service?

Over the past two decades, with the rise in popularity of social media, we have been bombarded with new ways to connect to people. Human connections are a valuable part of society, but is that true for every connection that you make? The phenomenon of catfishing, for example, demonstrates just how careful we all need to be when making connections with people. This is just one of the reasons why one should be careful, online and in real life, and a background check provides the tools to help you protect yourself.

What is a background check?

A background check is a comprehensive service that provides access to public records. Public records are records that contain data about people in every state. The files and data in public records are all official, as they are collected by official agencies in the country – like courts. When you perform a background check, you get access to public records and the data in them. So, you get access to credible information that includes the following details:

  • Birth records
  • Marriage records
  • Divorce records
  • Criminal records
  • Aliases
  • Arrest records
  • Driving records
  • Mugshots

And much more

Why should you use a background check service?

Catfishing is just one reason why you should perform a background check. This type of check is helpful whenever you need to verify someone’s identity when you want to make sure that a person is not lying to you about themselves, when you want to avoid scams, etc.

There are several ways in which you can perform a check; first, you can contact the agencies that keep public records. With this method, you will need to contact each and every public records agency, which can take a while. Also, you will need to wait a minimum of several days, and a maximum of several weeks to get copies of public records.

A search such as this is more suitable for when you need access to one type of record, like marriage records, for instance. Also, if you are not in a hurry, you can use the offline method for performing a background check.

Another method is to use a website that specializes in background checks. These services are available at your disposal 24/7, and they provide real-time results. That way, you can get an accurate report about people in no time, and find valuable information without the wait.

What is the best background check service?

The best background check service providers are those who:

  • Provide quick results
  • Provide access to public records in every state
  • Provide unlimited searches
  • Are secure

If you want to enjoy a professional background check service, is the website to check out. The search engine on the website is name-based, so you need to use a person’s name, as well as the name of the state where they live/used to live to get access to public records. The website does all the rest: it aggregates information from public records into an easily downloadable report that you can read, and use to discover the truth about the people in your life. And that information is power.

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