Why Should You Study Fashion?

Studying fashion allows you to unleash your creativity and passion, and a career in fashion is exciting because, all said and done, it is a glamorous job. It would help if you had a fashion degree to become a pioneer in the fashion industry. The degree enables you to understand the finer aspects of the field like fashion design history, sketching and drawing outfits, fashion events, and managing a fashion house. The fashion industry is highly competitive, and only the most talented people can survive the competition. The most preferred jobs in the fashion sector are fashion designer, stylist, textile designer, makeup artist and jewellery designer.

Careers in fashion

Fashion designer

Fashion designers create suits, dresses, shoes and hundreds of accessories for the customers. They observe the fashion trends closely before sketching designs and choose the colour and material for each design. Designers take care of the entire process, from initial design to the final appearance of the product. A strong sense of esthetics and excellent problem-solving skills are needed to be a designer. Additionally, most designers can predict the future trends of the fashion industry.

Fashion merchandiser and Fashion buyer

Fashion merchandisers and Fashion buyers establish a store full of clothing and accessories to satisfy consumer’s demands. They aim to create a store experience that is appealing to the people who come there to shop. Their job includes highlighting specific products and setting up the products in the right places inside the store. In addition, they decide what clothes and accessories will go inside the store to keep the customers connected to the latest fashion trends.

Fashion marketing manager

Fashion marketing managers devise ways to market fashion products. They are involved with photo shoots, advertising campaigns and analysing campaign results. Cost, product design, advertising and selling are the responsibilities of the marketing manager. A lot of dedication, talent and hard work is required for this role.

Fashion production manager

The production manager in the fashion field plays the role of an event planner, oversees model fittings, and acts as a liaison between makeup professionals and hairstylists to convey the styling directions. It is a role with more responsibilities where they need exceptional communication and organisational skills. They work for long hours and maintain the rapport between team members.

Fashion journalist

Fashion journalists write about style and fashion for fashion magazines, advertising publications, online fashion forums and newspapers. Fashion journalism includes freelancers, bloggers, photographers and fashion critics. Journalists writing about fashion are needed in various sectors across the globe. They attend fashion shows and study the style followed by celebrities to pinpoint trends.

Fashion technology

Fashion technologists study the fabric type and technology used in the manufacturing process. Though they deal with fashion and designs, their role is more technical. Fashion technologists can also play the role of fashion designers. They monitor the manufacturing process and involve technology in apparel production.

People working in the field of fashion live in a world filled with glamour and glitz. It attracts people who are highly creative and looking for exciting opportunities. Those who wish to step into this world need various skills like drawing, conceptualising and defining colours and trends. However, you have to be aware that this industry is notoriously fast-paced and competitive. Improve your job opportunities with a fashion degree. Many fashion houses need qualified fashion designers to guide them forward. There are numerous opportunities, fame and a high income associated with this industry.
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