Why outsourcing software development to India is a good idea?

Outsourcing software development refers to the use of IT services of a third-party vendor. Usually, in outsourcing software development, an existing business takes help from outside of the company.

By doing so, companies end up reducing development costs, time, and quality of the product because an offshore software development company deals with various clients using different technologies.

So while outsourcing you will also end up getting the best of ideas and knowledge with the option of all the available latest technologies that fit best with your product.

There are many offshore software development organizations worldwide, and India is considered to be one of the oldest and most established outsourcing countries in the world.

The various reasons why one would choose India for outsourcing software development are:

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Largest professional and technical pool

India is regarded to be the one country that has unmatched talented and skilled IT professionals. With this India is also the largest English-speaking nation globally. Around 3.1 million students get added to the human resources every year of which 200,000 are software graduates.

Thus it is the home to the youngest group globally. Almost 95% of the developers belong to the age group of 18 to 35 years.

Thus the development team is enriched with the latest technologies in the market and is ready to take up any type of development challenges with utmost accuracy.

Offers with the best pricing options

Another reason why one reaches out to India for outsourcing software development is the significant pricing options each offshore software development company offers.

The reason for this is there exists a gap between personnel costs in other countries and that of India. The cost of a developer in India starts between the range of $15-$20 per hour whereas in the US it is somewhere around $50-$80 per hour.

Provides high-quality services consistently

Along with the best pricing option, another reason as to why India is the best outsourcing software development nation is it also provides high-quality services consistently.

With the ever-growing cut-throat competition globally India has always been at the top of the list providing high-quality software solutions. This is possible because of the high talent and skilled human resources available in the country.

In a recent study, it was found that India is one of the top investment nations in Information Technology with a 55% share from outsourcing itself.

Advantage of the Time-Zone

Time Zone is another important factor for making India the best to boost up software development. India is 10hrs 30mins ahead of the US, 3hrs 30mins ahead of Europe, 4hrs 30mins ahead of UK, and 4hrs 30mins behind Australia.

If an offshore software development company in India is working with the US it can still arrange calls and sync-ups, and the business runs 24×7. When the in-house software developers are resting, the offshore software development company is managing the work.


If you are planning on outsourcing your software development then India will obviously be your first choice as India is considered to be the epitome of offshore software development globally.

It has a huge capacity of talented professionals offering the best of quality with strong corporate standards and price-quality ratio. Another benefit of choosing India is there are numerous software development companies in all small or big cities.

Also, each one of the offshore software development companies in India has the ability and knowledge to handle projects end-to-end, and the skill of speaking fluent English also makes them an efficient and economical choice.

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