Why is Diversity Equity and Inclusion Important in Healthcare?

One reason why diversity equity and inclusion is important in healthcare is because diverse perspectives make for better decision-making. Furthermore, it helps increase profitability. According to one study, companies with high levels of cultural diversity on their executive teams are 33% more profitable than companies without it. Lastly, healthcare systems that value diversity and inclusion in their workforce are more likely to attract and retain top talent. However, implementing diversity initiatives requires careful attention and long-term dedication on the part of healthcare leaders and staff f95zoneusa.

Diversity and equity initiatives should include tools for healthcare associates and patients to help them better understand differences in cultures. For example, diversity and inclusion ambassadors can help bring cultural awareness to the forefront, and challenge traditional ways of providing services. Another strategy is to make diversity equity and inclusion an integral part of everyday operations. For example, having daily team huddles can provide a safe space for associates to discuss diverse issues f95zone.

Healthcare organizations that lack diversity and inclusion are more likely to discriminate against people of color. Research shows that patients of color are less satisfied with their interactions with healthcare providers, and they may not receive the quality of care that White patients receive. In addition, the lack of gender and ethnic diversity can reduce creativity and breadth of perspective f95forum.



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