Why enrol in a PMP Course in Chennai?

According to a recent survey certified PMP managers handle 3/4th of complex projects. Even companies that have gone on to hire such certified managers have reaped the rewards considerably. All such questions would provide a viable answer on PMP Course in Chennai, but before that you need to understand whether the exam is worth all the effort or not.

An expensive option

If you do not happen to be a member of PMI the cost of certification is $ 550. Being not a member and if you are looking to sit for the exam may force you to shell $ 409 as the membership will cost $ 139. By any chance if you fail in the exam and want a re attempt then be prepared to shell out 275 US dollars.

It is not only about appearing for the exam as there are other costs in the preparation phase. This includes the cost of preparatory books, sample questions, training sessions etc. Taking all these points into consideration if you need a certification you need to shell out 750 US dollars. But all the experts agree the cost of the exam is nothing when it compares to your career growth.

A difficult exam

There is hardly anyone among us who will not agree that the PMP is a difficult exam.  Some suggest it is the hardest exam they have taken till date. The difficult part is that not only this exam tests your memory skills, but practical application of the concepts. Once you add the pressure of time of answering 200 questions in 240 hours the exam becomes more difficult. Even there is an individual difference on how long it would take you to clear this exam. Opting for a PMP online course will make things easier.

Though the point is if the exam is a cake walk, why would anyone attempt it in the first place. The prestige of this certification would lies in the tough standards to clear or maintain this form of certification. Though the exam demands a considerable amount of hard work, but the end result is fruitful.

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The benefits of a PMP exam

Numerous types of certifications are there that you may pursue during the course of your career. Among them PMP certification appears to be the most valuable one as companies are looking to fill project managers in dealing with complex projects .

Project management as a job profession is in widespread demand. So for obvious reasons people end up applying for the job. It would be a time consuming task for a company to evaluate and assess every application in details. They would like to filter out the candidates  during the initial round of interviews. One of the measures that they could adopt was whether the individual has PMI certification or not so opting for an PMP course in Chennai is not a bad idea. In addition a lot of companies are making it mandatory to have a PMI certification. What it means is that you cannot apply for some positions without the degree.

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