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WHMCS SEO Manager Module To Simplify SEO Optimization of Your Hosting Website

Summary: Today we are going to disclose the best WHMCS SEO Module to run your web hosting business smoothly.

WHMCS: What’s That?

WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) is one of the most used billing software specially designed for web hosting companies. There are plenty of web servers using WHMCS as their billing panel, hosting packages, API server provisioning, payment methods, domain registration, and fraud detection. Besides web hosting companies, several VPN Service Providers also use WHMCS. One such provider is The Pirate Bay

Most businesses use WHMCS because it allows one to manage different currencies and access real-time reports of various tasks. 

If you are still planning to start a new website then, you must follow these simple steps to launch your website.

Why Do We Need an SEO Manager in WHMCS?

WHMCS comprises almost everything to run a web hosting business, however, and it does not allow you to manage your website SEO. This is the reason why users have to check each web page individually to manage its Meta tags and other SEO components, which is tiresome.

Is There Any SEO Manager Module for WHMCS?

Fortunately, the answer is YES. WHMCS Global Services has designed HostX, an all-in-one WHMCS theme to manage the entire website’s SEO from one place. This WHMCS SEO Module is a multi-purpose WHMCS theme specially coded for Web Hosting businesses and lets you manage your entire website’s SEO and speed. 

Who Can Use HostX, The Best SEO Manager WHMCS?

HostX is designed in such a way that you can customize your web hosting business however you want even without any technical expertise. You can use HostX as a WHMCS SEO module if you are one of the following:

  • Web Hosting Provider
  • SSL Service Provider
  • VPN Service Provider
  • Domain Service Provider
  • VOIP Service Provider
  • IPTV Service Provider

How Can You Manage Your Websites’ SEO Using HostX?
This SEO Manager Module for WHMCS lets you design and customize your web hosting business all from one place. This WHMCS SEO Module provides the following options to manage your websites’ SEO:
1. Site Map Generator – With HostX you can generate your own sitemap in XML or HTML format and include custom pages as well as  Knowledge Base Links, Product Links, HostX Page Links.

2.Page Elements – You will get the following options to set up your meta tags:

  • Select Page Name: You can select any of your website pages using this option:
  • Robots: With this option, you can set what command you want to offer to search engine crawlers: NoIndex,NoFollow / Index,Follow

3.Canonical Tag: You can set up the desired page URL directly from the HostX admin panel.

4.Select Language: Choose any preferred language you want your website to display.

5.Meta Title: Choose any of your webpages and directly set up your meta title from this WHMCS SEO Module.

6.Meta Keywords: Enter the keywords you want to optimize your website.

7.Meta Description: Enter a customized description for your selected webpage.

8.OG Title: Enter a page title for the selected page you want to show on Facebook.

9.OG Description: Enter a customized page description that will be displayed over Facebook.

10.OG Image: Upload an image that will be displayed over the Facebook account.
Webmaster Settings: With websites’ webmaster settings you can set up Verification Codes for Google, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu.

11.Social Sharing/Connect: You can directly allow social sharing with this WHMCS SEO Module. You will get the following options for the same:

    • Facebook Handle
    • Twitter Handle
    • LinkedIn Handle
    • Instagram Handle
    • Pinterest Handle

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