Which Suits are Trending now?

Ethnic wear is one of the most versatile and unique outfits of all time. Indian Ethnic wear is especially known for its colourful, vibrant, and unique style of draping and appearance. When it comes to ethnic and formal wear for women in India, the salwar suit is one of the most popular options.

Salwar suits can be easily made into formal wear, informal wear, grand and regal, simple and work-appropriate, and can even be made into something women can wear casually at home.

This is the beauty and ease of wearing a salwar suit – it all depends on the fabric, the texture, the designs, and the work that goes into making them. Simply by these factors, a salwar suit can be an all-in-one costume for women in India.

Origin of Salwar Suit

The origin of salwar suits can be traced back to the middle eastern influence in India. The early Arabs and Persians who settled and traded in India wore long pieces of tunics that covered their entire body up until their ankles and then a bottom that was strung and tied at the waist.

It was an easy and convenient form of clothing and dressing that allowed for movements and ease of use for day-to-day affairs. The upper portion of this ensemble was called a kameez and the lower portion was called the salwar.

This kind of clothing soon caught up to the Indians, both men and women in India started to wear this outfit with a distinct difference between the men’s way of using this outfit from the women’s way of using it. Women’s salwar suits were made from a variety of fabrics and had a lot of different designs and prints on them.

They also included sequin work and embroidery, later on, to make these outfits more unique and more appropriate for more elegant so that they can be worn for functions and weddings. Along with the two-piece outfit, women’s salwar suits included what is called a Dupatta – a shawl made from any kind of fabric with lots of motifs, sequins, and embroidery work that made it a great addition to the style.

Trending Salwar Suit Styles

There are many kinds of Salwar suits currently in the market and the most popular styles that are trending are mentioned below:

1. Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Suits are the biggest thing in the market today. They are made from various kinds of fabrics and layered on top of each other to create a regal appearance. Anarkali suits are used even by brides for pre-bridal and post bridal affairs. Many people chose this kind of salwar suit for their functions and for other grand ceremonies.

2. Sharara Suit Sets

Sharara Suit sets are like gowns but made with more than one piece of clothing. They are often paired with a long set of sharara pants that look like skirts but have a division in between. They are also paired with a dupatta made from similar fabric and prints. These outfits look like regal evening dresses.

3. Straight Cut Suit Sets

Straight-cut suits sets are very well defined and elegant and more suited for formal functions. They have simple work but can look extremely elegant because of the use of expensive fabric, embroidery, motifs, and other handmade designs that make them stand out. They are suited for day functions and simpler formal events.

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