Where to Fish Near Lake Taupo New Zealand

Taupo is a region of North Island in New Zealand, and Lake Taupo offers a variety of landscape and terrain. Surrounded by snowy wonderlands ideal for skiing, forests, rivers that flow around it and waterfalls and hot springs nearby. For those who want to enjoy the scenery and like to fish, there are many great fishing spots in Taupo.

Lake Taupo is one of the prime fishing spots in the region and is known worldwide for the resulting fishing hauls. The trout in the lake is plentiful and the food supply and conditions of the lake keep the fish well fed and healthy.

Outside of the lake there are many other spaces that are ideal for fishing. Tributaries that surround the lake and run throughout the area are ideal for fishing, and the spring melt brings a new rush of fresh fish. Fishing is available from the beaches and can be enjoyed all summer, and there are rainbow and brown trout that are available in any of these spaces.

Fishing is available on the shores and beaches as well as through the use of a charter fishing boat or rowing out in a small boat. Any avid or beginner fisher is sure to find a way to enjoy their time in Taupo.

Places to Stay

Just as there are many types of fishing, there are many types of accommodation for those who are in the area for fishing or other vacation purposes. Campsites are available for those who like to stay in their tents and go on traditional camping trips, and the range of accommodations includes bed and breakfasts, hotels, and luxury resorts or hotels.

Huka Lodge is located right on the Waikato River and offers luxury accommodations and ideal fishing locations. Close to Lake Taupo it is easy to get back and forth from the lodge to the lake, or to fish at the river along the way. On location for almost a hundred years it is well situated for long term or short term stays. With twenty suites and owners’ cottages along the banks of the river every visitor is surrounded by luxury at every turn. Gardens along the grounds offer wonderful scenery for anyone who chooses to wander the grounds and listen to the birds and river pass. This allows for even those who are not fishing to enjoy the outdoors during their stay, and fine dining with locally sourced foods. Also on site are bars and lounges, with outdoor eating spaces for those who want to enjoy the best meals while experiencing the wonderful atmosphere of the space.

New Zealand offers some of the best fishing in the world, and with many places to fish there is something for everyone. To stay near lake taupo there is space to enjoy the utmost in luxury with something to offer everyone. Both those who fish and those who don’t will find idyllic gardens, river walks, and wildlife to enjoy, along with fine dining and many other experiences.

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