When Australia decided to switch football confederation

Normally, the primary aspect that determines the rivals of a specific football team, whether it is in a continental competition or qualifiers, is geography. This means that in most cases, except for friendlies and the FIFA World Cup itself, national teams will mostly face squads from neighboring countries. All these matches bring great opportunities for those who make a 1xBet download, and take advantage of all the betting chances.

However, there are exceptions to the rule. Probably the most notable one is the case of Australia, which decided to switch confederation after a chain of disappointing results.

Since the beginnings of football in Australia, the team has faced mostly teams from Oceania. This means that normally, some of the squads that used to face Australia on a regular basis were:

  • the Solomon Islands;
  • Fiji;
  • American Samoa;
  • and also New Zealand.

Australia has always been clearly superior to all those other sides. However, this meant that the team didn’t have regular competitive football. Now, betting on Australia is an interesting reason to download the 1xBet app into mobile devices.

Going to Asia

During many qualifiers, Oceania didn’t get a direct place at the FIFA World Cup. Instead, the winner of those qualifiers would face a play-off against a team from another continent. This meant that on many occasions, Australia could have an impeccable campaign in the Oceania qualifiers, only to be beaten in the play-offs. This convinced them that they needed to move elsewhere in order to have more fair chances. This move certainly worked. Thanks to it, using the 1xBet promo code Bangladesh to wager on qualifying matches of the Asian confederation can be more thrilling than ever.

Finally, in 2006, the Asian and Oceanian football confederations, as well as FIFA, authorized Australia to switch confederation. From that point on, the Aussies would have its qualifiers against squads such as South Korea, Japan or China.

Ironically, right before moving to Asia, the Australians managed to qualify to the 2006 FIFA World Cup after more than 30 years. After this confederation switch, Australia has gone from being the team of the “near-misses” into one that constantly qualifies to the FIFA World Cups. This evolution results in using the promo code 1xBet Bangladesh to bet on the Aussies being a rewarding prospect.

Currently, New Zealand is having basically the same situation that Australia used to have. They are far superior to the other teams of the confederation, and have been on a number of near misses. Who knows if they will want to follow what their neighbors did many years ago.

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