What’s Customer Reactivation Anyway?

Customer activation’s goal is to “wake up” or “win back” dormant customers. Marketers, salespeople, or others can reach customers who have lost interest in their products or services. Reactivation campaigns usually include customized messaging and/or offers to help customers get back on track. The following are benefits of activating customers:

  • Increased Revenue. Reactivation campaigns can improve your bottom line. Dormant clients could be resold or up-sold to increase their revenue. The revenue potential is even greater if a dormant customer has had a positive experience with your brand and solution in the past. Consider the potential ROI of customer activation campaigns, which can be significant considering that new customers are often more profitable than existing customers.
  • Build And Maintain Client Relationships. Customer activation campaigns can provide insight into customers’ feelings and thoughts. This can help you build stronger relationships with your customers and make it easier to serve those customers who have stopped paying. It is possible to stop future turnover if an inactive customer becomes dormant after a purchase.
  • Gain Competitive Intelligence. Customers can move to different companies. One of the most critical questions regarding customer turnover can be answered by a reactivation campaign. It is possible to learn a lot more about your competitor’s pricing, support, and other factors.
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Cost. The cost to acquire new customers is approximately 5-7X higher than that of maintaining current customers. Customer loyalty costs more than customer turnover. Your sales team must work with new prospects. Your sales team can take advantage of existing relationships by activating subscribers or customers.

How to Regain Inactive Customers?

These are the best customer activation strategies.

  • Invite Customers Back – This goes especially for customers who had positive experiences with your brand but have become inactive due to inactivity from your marketing or sales department. It can help customers remember why they are so interested in reminding them to say hello. Also, you can ask them about their motivations to return to your service. This information can be used to enhance your reactivation strategies. It will help to send the right message or offer incentives to win back customers. It is simple to tell customers who have stopped being active that you are missing them, and then help them get back on track.
  • Create A Special Offer – Because you know the preferences of your customers, you can create promotional items based on past purchases and interactions that encourage them to make more purchases. Targeted offers can be a way to upsell customers. Customers who have not purchased the product in the past can be re-engaged. To make the re-engagement more successful, keep the time frame brief.
  • Make It Easy- Before asking customers that aren’t actively using your services to return, make sure that you have the processes and systems in place that will allow you to activate dormant customers. For customers who need to reactivate their accounts, it is easier to use online forms. For existing customers, you may also create a landing page, an email address, or a phone number. They will be able to answer their questions faster than traditional contact channels and can respond quickly to any queries they may have. You can send an SMS message to them with a link, and instructions for getting started. Contact to organize a Customer Activation Campaign before dormant customers (and untapped revenue!) are gone forever.

Customer Retention Strategy

Marketers and salespeople use multichannel and multiple-channel strategies to reengage dormant clients. The best customer retention strategies for the highest ROI are:

  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Social media engagement
  • Webcasts/webinars
  • Telemarketing Outbound
  • Customer activation Is A Key Strategy In Telemarketing

Although telemarketing isn’t the most commonly used customer reactivation strategy available, it is one of its most powerful.

Take a look at these unique benefits of a customer-reactivation campaign via telemarketing:

  • Telemarketing is a more personal way to reach people than email or social media.
  • Telemarketing is more effective at obtaining customer insights than passive outreach campaigns. This leads to more business intelligence, metrics, and opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • Telemarketing allows for targeted messages to be sent to more people about new services and products.

Our highly trained agents can communicate with inactive customers, which can be a huge source of untapped revenue for your business. We send targeted messages to dormant or lost customers. This process allows us to collect valuable information that can help you increase retention and prevent others from getting lost.

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