What’s Athleisure And Why Luxury Brands Are Getting Influenced With Athleisure Style?

Post-COVID 19 has changed the norms of life in many ways including in the clothing sector. Even after some normalization, there is no end to athleisure. Customers are accustomed to comfort and casual dressing, which still prevails.

The boundaries between fashion, function, and performance are totally eroded. Athleisure style is getting a luxurious update with an emphasis on elevated fabrics and premium cuts.

  • Sheer mesh and lustrous satin is blended to create contrasting textures.
  • Soft draping and accordion pleating is used in gym-to-street style to accentuate form.
  • Metallic sheens, soft neutral tones, and lustrous finishes create a movement sense and ath-luxe feel.
  • Choose diffused sheens in paneled or all-over renderings for stretch base layering. is one of the leading online stores where buyers can find fashionable athleisure similar to top brands you adore [Meshki, Oh Polly, or Verge Girl].

What is athleisure?

It is a fashion fad term that comes from a combination of ‘Athletic’ and ‘Leisure’. It is a global phenomenon and aspirational lifestyle that is possibly not going to vanish. The athleisure category can be defined as casualwear. It can be worn for workouts and in casual settings. The athleisure category includes –

  • Sports bra
  • Yoga pants
  • Tank tops
  • Hoodies
  • Jogger pants
  • And more

Luxury brands are focusing on designing each item that can be fine every day, outside the gym. They see a new opportunity to gain a market share. Designer brands ate partnering or creating their personal athleisure line.

Why is a street wear athleisure style influencing luxury fashion brands?

The activewear market is soaring, so to tap it luxury brands are launching new sportswear ranging from leggings to sneakers to gym accessories. The factors that are powering luxury athleisure growth are –

  1. Mass adoption – It has helped bring athleisure trends to the forefront. Items once emphasized for functionality and performance are offered designer re-interpretation in the high-end fashion arena.
  2. Celebrity lifestyle – Celebrities with millions of social channel followers have transformed activewear perception. It has become a sensational fashion statement.
  3. Social sharing – Wellness is a prominent social media sharing activity. People desire to project their active, healthy lifestyle on Instagram or Facebook pages. A wellness regimen adds pressure to look good as well as be visible as living a fulfilling life. Wellness consciousness combined with social media obsession has pushed affluent customers to adopt a share-worthy active lifestyle. They have to stay camera-worthy even when they are sweating. The athleisure style allows social media youngsters to project themselves as healthy and fit.
  4. Office dress code loosens – Athleisure style is growing beyond gym sportswear because modern affluent millennial is increasingly accepting activewear as a daily casual wardrobe. The office dress code persists to loosen, so brands are finding this a category to tap into and respond to their customer’s demands. Young shoppers look for innovative design, variety, and comfort with a tech touch. So, luxury brands are coming up with new premium quality fashion lines and collections.

Sustainable values to look out for

Generation Z and affluent millennia’s are sensitive to sustainable brand values. 85% of purchase decisions depend on sustainable and ethical qualifications. So, brands are making efforts to become more sustainable.

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