It’s difficult to define an essay’s “flow” since it may be applied to a number of subjects. When it comes to “flow,” the thing you’re most terrified of is a lack of focus and organisation. Less essential details may hide vital information if paragraphs are disconnected from one another and/or from the thesis. While not exhaustive, the purpose of these recommendations is to help you write an argumentative essay that is both well-structured and “fluid.” Despite the fact that this handout was designed especially for humanities argumentative essays, many of the general themes it lays out may be applied to a wide range of academic subjects.


Few things in the writing process are as despised by all writers as creating an outline. When you first start off, it may seem like a waste of time, but it’s really the best approach to guarantee that your paper does not go off the rails. Your outline should clearly show the order in which you want to communicate what you intend to say. With a strong notion of your main points before starting to write, it’s easier to generate major transitions between ideas. If you need essay writing service, please visit our website.

The opening sentence of a paragraph should establish the paragraph’s topic.

Carroll uses Alice’s conversation with the Cheshire Cat about insanity to both depict the world of Wonderland and criticise a Victorian dependence on facts and reason. A topic sentence should not include any kind of description, summary, or background information of any kind.

The Cheshire Cat and Alice in Wonderland discuss what it means to be insane.

There should be a connection between your thesis statement and each topic phrase (and hence each paragraph).

In the opening sentence of each paragraph, you must explain how and why the content of the paragraph relates to your overall argument.

Every topic phrase in each of your body paragraphs should be tied to x and/or y, as Alice in Wonderland tackles Victorian education for children by doing x and/or y.

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Rewriting or removing a paragraph that doesn’t link to your thesis is an option if it doesn’t fit. The White Hare, a symbol of the Victorian obsession with time, may be a good choice. It would be out of place and only help to confuse your article’s direction if the focus of your dissertation was on Victorian education criticism as a whole.

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