A car accident can be devastating, not to mention the confusion that comes with it, especially when you don’t know what to do. Although no one hits the road expecting to encounter a car accident, the least you can do is stay informed on what you can do if involved in one. Knowing how to act immediately after is the best way to reduce suffering and ensure a better outcome. Confusion is normal, but you can always get through a devastating car accident in Waukegan by following these steps.

Check yourself for injuries.

Your health is of utmost importance when you encounter a car accident. The first thing you ought to do is check yourself for injuries and check on the other passengers if you feel okay. If there are injuries or deaths, it is wise to call an ambulance immediately and inform them of the accident.

Call the police

Never leave the location of a car crash you have been involved in because it is an offense, and it can implicate you even if you were not in the wrong. The best thing to do is call the police and wait for them to arrive at the scene to collect a report. A wise thing to do is keep a distance from the scene because cars are known to explode after a crash. That way, you can avoid any explosion.

Collect evidence

Another wise thing to do whenever you encounter a car accident in Waukegan is to collect evidence. You can take pictures, videos, record audio, or even write some key things in your notebook, thanks to your smartphone. You should also document critical information, including the cars involved, their registration numbers, license details, driver’s content, witnesses’ contacts, state of the weather, road, etc. This information comes in handy when investigating the cause of the accident and when claiming compensation from the insurance company.

Give a statement

When the police arrive, you are expected to give a correct statement about the accident. Avoid speculating and only say what you know is truthful. If you are unsure about any incident, it is best to say so. When asked about your injuries, avoid saying you are not injured before being checked by a medical professional. Note that you may have suffered an internal injury that may take a while to manifest, so it is best to say you are unsure. Ensure you are there as the other parties give their statement.

Get a medical examination.

The next thing to do is go to the hospital for a full medical examination to determine if you have suffered any injuries. Even if you feel okay, this is the rightful thing to do to ensure you are free from danger.

Consult a car accident lawyer

The best way to handle the aftermath of a car accident is to engage a Waukegan car accident lawyer. A car accident lawyer has all the knowledge and expertise it takes to investigate the cause of the accident, prove negligence if any, and help you seek compensation.

The takeaway

Seeking legal guidance after a car accident is wise to protect your rights.

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