What to do about PCOD?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOD is a relatively usual type of hormonal disorder that activates a number of diverse signs in females of reproductive age. Common to all females with PCOS is that there stays irregularity in the periods or their menstrual cycle. There also remains the presence of many male hormones (androgens). It is better to speak with gynecologists in time if you experience any signs of PCOD.

Actually, PCOS results in disturbing the menstrual cycle, and it characteristically starts around the beginning of puberty. It might be normal in the starting years of life and then prove to be irregular, or starting of menses might get late. Irregularity in menstrual because of PCOS generally comes with a deficiency of ovulation. It means the affected female might not bear a child. The wish or longing for pregnancy is a part that prompts various women suffering from PCOS to immediately look for health checkup.

Also, in case you experience insulin resistance, sudden weight gain, and even obesity, they also are common in PCOS. It is seen that nearly one-half of females having PCOS are overweight.   Well, if you are not ready to go to the doctor unless you are sure, and then why not get a PCOD test at home? You can be hence sure that you have this condition. And once you are definite, you can speak with your doctor.

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