What is Water Soluble CBD & How Does it Work?

The CBD industry is constantly innovating and pushing itself forward, often in hopes of delivering quality, effective CBD products for users in convenient and easily accessible forms. One of the latest innovations is water-soluble CBD. While water-soluble products are somewhat new for CBD, this method of intake has been used for decades in the medical and supplement industries, in part because it can be more efficiently absorbed.

What makes water-soluble CBD different from other CBD products (and from other water-soluble treatments in general) is the greater amount of bioavailability that they contain. This is due to the way that water-soluble CBD is made, chiefly by breaking the cannabidiols down to nanoparticles to make intake into the body’s bloodstream easier.

But what does bioavailability mean for CBD use exactly? Well for the answer to that question and more of the potential benefits and considerations that come with water-soluble CBD, be sure to read on. We will discuss all of the pertinent details, most pressing questions, and even recommend a few of our favorite options when it comes to the water-soluble niche.

Potential Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD

  • Increased bioavailability: The human body is largely comprised of water, over 60% according to the USGS. And your body uses the water it contains to help regulate several key bodily functions, including body temperature, cell reproduction, digestion, and as lubricant and shock absorber for joints and the brain. Therefore water-soluble CBD has an advantage over other styles of CBD products because the ability to be absorbed in water makes more cannabidiols available sooner thanks to the human body’s natural chemistry.
  • Ease of Use: One of the best parts of water-soluble CBD is how simple it is to use. All that is required is a liquid to dissolve the proper dose of CBD into. This can be as easy as powering some powder into a water bottle and letting it dissolve. Which can be a truly laidback and inconspicuous method for getting your CBD dose in.
  • A more economical option: Other CBD products may contain more actual cannabidiols, but that doesn’t mean that you are getting more bang for your buck. Traditional non-water-soluble CBD products are not efficiently absorbed. In some, upwards of 90% of CBD content is thought to be expelled through urination, which makes other methods of CBD intake extremely wasteful. In comparison, water-soluble is efficiently absorbed, meaning you can use less CBD for the same or better results as you might have with other CBD products.

Things to Consider with Water-Soluble CBD

  • Limited Options: As a newer style of CBD delivery, there is less variety and options for this product when compared to others.
  • Can Be Difficult to Dose: If your water-soluble CBD doesn’t come individually packaged, it can be hard to properly dose.
  • Requires a Liquid: Unlike tinctures or CBD capsules, water-soluble products need a specific ratio of water (or other liquid) in order to be effectively absorbed by the body, and because of this they can’t be taken on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water-Soluble CBD

Now that we know a little bit more about what makes water-soluble CBD, it’s time to answer some of the most pressing questions our customers have when it comes to water-soluble CBD.

  • How is water-soluble CBD made? For years scientists have used nanotechnology to try to break things down into their most basic components. One of the benefits of this study has been the realization that smaller particles, like those on the nanoscale where a human hair is 10,000s of nanometers thick, are more easily absorbed by the human body and thus useful for treatment.

CBD is made water-soluble by an often-proprietary emulsification process which breaks the cannabidiols down to the nanoscale and makes them easier to mix into liquids such as water. This differs from many tinctures or CBD oils that are on the market, as such products tend to mix with water as well as, well, water and oil. This ability is one of the key differentiators that water-soluble CBD holds.

  • Can you take too much water-soluble CBD? As with any CBD product, the risks of taking too large a dose are minimal, and the possible side-effects are mild—including nausea, upset stomach, and increased fatigue. These complications are very rare and easily avoided, however, as long as you start with smaller doses to see how your body reacts to a new CBD product, you shouldn’t run into trouble.
  • Do you have to use water-soluble CBD with water? We get this question a lot, and it makes sense, water is after all in the name. And despite this fact, the short answer is that you can mix water-soluble CBD into almost any liquid you choose. Many users report that they mix in their CBD dose with their morning coffee, tea, or Coca-Cola.

The Best Water-Soluble CBD Products for 2021

If water soluble CBD sounds good to you, and you’re ready to try some products for yourself, then we’ve compiled two of our favorite picks for water-soluble CBD options below.

Joy Organics – CBD Energy Drink Mix

Are you struggling to get through the day, lacking your usual energy and vigor? If this sounds like you, this CBD Energy Drink Mix from Joy Organics is well worth a try. Besides the natural anti-inflammatory and mood-boosting properties that CBD is known for, there is also an added 75mg of caffeine that is used to help put that extra pep in your step. And it is a great supplement for athletes recovering from a hard workout, as CBD is now allowed for use by professional athletes in pro-sports leagues and by anti-doping regulators the world over.

Why You’ll Love It: If you find yourself dragging in the afternoon or struggling to motivate yourself to get to the gym, this energy drink mix might just be the solution you are looking for. Besides its broad-spectrum CBD formula, it is packed full of quality ingredients that will make you feel great and caffeine to give your body and mind a boost.

Liweli – Super Lemon 20-Pack

This CBD powder comes in 25mg doses that are enlivened by the use of real lemon zest to provide any drink with a bright citrus flavor. Organic ingredients are used throughout, and this product is independently tested for purity by third-party labs, so you can feel confident that you are getting a quality product.

Why You’ll Love It: The individual packages make dosing a post-workout CBD drink easy and mess-free.

We’re Always Here to Help!

To summarize, water soluble CBD is one of the best ways to utilize the relief that cannabidiols can provide for oneself. This is due to factors such as these products’ greater ease of use, bioavailability, and economic superiority when compared to other CBD products.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about water-soluble CBD and that you’ve learned something new along the way. Think there is a product we missed that you’d like to recommend? Interested in learning more about water-soluble CBD’s potential benefits? Please don’t hesitate to reach out! And, as always, thank you for reading!

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