What Is Public Opinion?

Public opinion reflects the dynamic formation of interpersonal and group communications on various significant social, economic and political issues. “Joint thinking” leads to the goal-setting of “joint action” as a generative factor in the “weightiness” of public opinion of large target groups and society as a whole. If you are really ready to start your own business this topic is what you need. 

To better understand the concept of public opinion, it is worth decomposing it into two components – public and opinion. The public as a group of people united by a common interest in a certain area has already been discussed in sufficient detail. As for an opinion, it is generally considered to be an expression of a person’s attitude regarding a particular issue. When attitudes become stable enough, they float to the surface in the form of opinions. When opinions become sufficiently stable, they lead to actions.

The approach to understanding public opinion as a “coincidence of individual opinions of a certain number of people” leaves somewhat aside the important qualitative circumstance that it is public. Therefore, public opinion is a phenomenon much more voluminous than a simple sum of points of view expressed by a certain set of individuals.

The high status of public opinion, characteristic of the rule of law, dramatically increases the role of feedback. The dependence of the power and political structures on citizens is obvious. The task of PR specialists is to give this dependence the character of a communication structure. It is necessary to transform the system of social ties, both institutional and informal, into a system of communications. The efforts of PR specialists should be aimed at establishing two-way contact with the public.PR specialist should be fine with the online digital marketing tools for organizing the whole PR campaign processes.It will be the best option for controlling teammates’s tasks with the  scheduling platform as Trafft.If you are ready even to develop your own website it will be better option for generating on your website wordpress scheduling plugin that is very easy and helpful.

Both theorists and practitioners of public relations, when studying public opinion, actually make a static cut of it, carefully fixing individual moments, so that later the opinion described at one time can be compared with the opinion recorded in another period. Moreover, studies often focus on the direction and intensity of public opinion, leaving aside other important details.

One of the main methods of studying society, which is still used by the social sciences, is observation. Observation enables representatives of the humanities to deepen their theoretical knowledge, and understanding of the patterns of human behavior. PR studies are also based on this method. In this regard, the three most common types of PR research can be distinguished:

  • Sociological research. Their task is to find out the attitudes and opinions of people, that is, their considerations about certain subjects.
  • Communication audit. Its task is to understand the inconsistencies that arise in communication between the organization and target groups of the public. Politicians may have some assumptions about the correctness of their methods of work, the media used, informational materials, messages, while the public, which is all designed for, can confirm or refute these assumptions.
  • informal research. Include the accumulation of facts, the analysis of various information materials, etc., that is, methods that do not require direct intervention in the work of the objects of study.

Each of these types of research has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages that modern public relations specialists need to be aware of and be able to use.Also if they do not have enough money they can research with the team members within the virtual team building meetings.

Public opinion is not always consistent with the laws of logic, it is often amorphous, ambivalent, contradictory, and fleeting. Those who seek to influence and shape public opinion hope that their efforts will not be in vain and will eventually push people towards the expected consensus on a particular issue. Experience shows that the public can ignore indisputable facts if they do not interest them; providing the public with an ever-growing amount of information also does not necessarily result in enrichment of its knowledge and expected behavior.

Final thoughts

The study of public opinion should note cases when “knowledge” (including political knowledge) develops into “understanding”, and also find out the reasons why groups with opposite ideological views (knowledge) reach an understanding of the common goal and the need for a coalition decision. This is especially true of political campaigns, during which knowledge of party doctrines, and awareness of citizens do not always determine their opinion and line of behavior, especially as voters, when knowledge is very rarely able to change the “climate of public opinion”, which, by the way, is very difficult to measure. Therefore, a meaningful way to feel the tension of this “climate” is a political analysis of common phenomena and processes, in which public relations specialists are also required to understand well.

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