What is an Aptitude test and how to pass them ?

An Aptitude test is an exam used to determine individual abilities in a given field. It assesses your logical reasoning and mental ability. It is a type of psychometric test which will assess your cognitive skills. Hence, this test is also called the Cognitive Test. 

An Aptitude test consists of Multiple-choice  questions, which are conducted in either online or offline mode.This tests are timed tests, students should finish the test in a given period of time. It releases an automated result of the test within minutes, which is devoid of human errors or bias.

What are the Different types of Aptitude test candidates must know ?

There are many different types of aptitude tests. Some of the most common aptitude tests are :

1. Verbal reasoning  : 

It is a type of test where you will be given a written passage followed by a statement. Evaluation is based on your ability of comprehension and logic.

2. Spatial Reasoning :

Spatial reasoning tests analyze your ability to manipulate  2D and 3D objects, images etc.These tests are more typical for Technical and Engineering roles.

3. Diagrammatic reasoning :

In a diagrammatic test, you will be required to interpret a set of rules that governs a given sequence, and then apply the same rule to a new scenario. These types of questions appear in most graduate and management types of tests.

4. Logical Reasoning :

In this type of test you will be given some set of facts and you need to deduce other facts by reasoning logically. It is one of the most important sections for various Government and Non- Government recruitment examinations.

5. Situational judgement test :

Situational judgement tests assess your ability to select the most appropriate action in a workplace situation. You will be allotted a hypothetical scenario and will be asked for the most appropriate action in that situation.

6. Deductive reasoning:

Deductive reasoning is a narrow down process of understanding whether or not an assumption is true, based on logic and experimentation. Numerous sentences are collected and confirmed with each other, to arrive at a logical conclusion.

What questions are asked in an aptitude test ? 

The question you are asked in your aptitude test will vary based on the role you are applying for and the type of aptitude test it is. There are numerous types of aptitude tests as mentioned above. The questions you are asked in your test depends on which aptitude test you are giving. You may be asked to draw verbal conclusions from a written passage, manipulate 3D images, or deduct to a logical conclusion by narrowing down etc.

How to pass your Aptitude test ?

Some students crack an aptitude exam with incredible scores that astound others, others simply pass, and unfortunately some students fail to pass. However, if you fail to pass an aptitude exam, this doesn’t imply that those  students should give up. In fact, they must trust themselves, as impossible is just an opinion.

In a marked difference to the academic exams you have taken before, you can’t revise for most aptitude tests, as prior knowledge isn’t generally required.

Instead you are tested on your natural capabilities. Although you can’t revise for aptitude tests, there are many strategies and practices you need to follow before giving your exam.

Let’s check out some easy tips to pass an aptitude exam : 

1. Be  Familiar with the format of test beforehand :

There are many types of aptitude tests and questions which  are asked in an aptitude test. You need to know the exact location to bring out the best outcome. Exams can be stressful, but being prepared can help you manage stress and allow you to perform at your best.

2. Practice online test :

One of the well kept secrets of toppers is Practicing online tests. The more you practice, the higher your exam score will be. Practice will also let you know your weakness, you need to work on. So, one should practice online aptitude tests to improve their skill. Find out exactly what type of aptitude test you will be taking and practice just this type of test.

3. Read the instructions carefully : 

Make sure that you read all the given instructions in the test  carefully. Make sure how much time you have, and if you are not clear or there exists any doubt ask the invigilators.

4. Time management during the exam :

Time management  during the exam plays the most crucial role to pass any type of test exam. Planning your time during exams is essential. You can make timed practice papers part of your revision. Answer the questions which you know and save questions you didn’t know last time. Keep an eye on the clock.

5. Read all Questions properly:

Rushing through reading can cause us to misunderstand a question or miss a keyword. Underline /encircle the key word or words to help you remember. Also read all options properly in Multiple choice questions.

6. Cross off any option you know are incorrect:

Eliminate answer options which you’re 100 percent sure are incorrect before selecting the answer you believe is correct. Even when you believe you know the right answer, first eliminating those answers you know are incorrect will ensure your answer choice is the correct choice.

7. Be alert and stay Focused :

A common concern that students have when they take an aptitude exam is being unable to maintain focus. To improve your mental focus you need a good night’s sleep, practice without social media distraction, and accept that there is nothing else you can do during test time.

8. Don’t stuck in a particular question :

Answer the easy and scoring questions first. Always focus your attention on the questions you know well first. If you don’t know a question, flag it to revisit later, and move on. After completing all the questions you know, you can try to answer the questions you flagged.

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