What is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency is a business that places highly skilled personnel with firms that require these services. Generally, staffing agencies hire labor for its own offices, and it sometimes hires labor for clients. If you have an education or some skill that you can use in the workplace, you should take advantage of the opportunities that are available. A staffing agency is a great way to connect you with a career in the workforce.

How can a staffing agency help you?

A staffing agency will teach you how to market yourself and develop a consistent marketing plan. A skilled recruiter can be found for job placement and can help you strategize a successful career path. A seasoned executive will direct you through the job placement process.

Top Benefits of Staffing Agency

Prospective job seekers should take advantage of the opportunities that staffing agencies provide. These agencies provide these potential job candidates with the opportunity to find their first job in the industry. An employer is sure to hire you once you have completed a training session and presented all of the required information.

There are many benefits to working with a staffing agency:

⮚    Teaching people how to market themselves

Marketability is very important to potential employers. A staffing agency will teach potential job seekers how to use the Internet, social networking sites, and other tools to effectively market themselves and market a job opportunity. A successful networking experience can help you get the job you want.

⮚    Providing you with a professional training program

Although these firms are highly skilled in human resources management, they can’t provide you with the knowledge that you need to effectively deliver a job to potential employers.

⮚    Providing you with references and preparing your resume for an interview

A staffing agency can prepare your resume for an interview. A staffing agency can provide your references. The agency can show you how to practice interviews and will coach you through the job interview.

⮚    Helping you stay in the position long term

Once you have completed a program with a staffing agency, you will have the skills needed to progress in your career. A staffing agency will provide you with a great package of skills that will improve your chances of getting hired.

⮚    Reducing job search costs

Costs can become an important part of the job search process. With a staffing agency, you will find that you can take advantage of the training and education they provide at a cost that is very affordable.

⮚    Helping you obtain business contacts

Every job search needs to have a strong network of potential customers. A staffing agency can help you develop a network of business contacts.

⮚    Making you more marketable to employers

With a staffing agency, you will find that your reputation is being presented to potential employers. Your skills will be more valuable to prospective employers.

Financially, there is a huge benefit to hiring a staffing agency. Most staffing agencies provide a free consult to help you determine the best placement option. Once you have completed your training and the interview, a staffing agency can place you with a successful job.

Responsibilities of Staffing Agency

When it comes to recruiting, most job portals and staffing agencies talk in terms of recruitment and staffing, but what they don’t talk much about is the day-to-day responsibilities of the staffing agency, aside from the activities of recruitment and interviewing.

In this post, we will talk about the five key responsibilities of the staffing agency.

1. Contacting Clients

In our experience, the first responsibility of a staffing agency is to do some grassroots reaching in to different companies to inquire about their requirements for the job ad. Some of the recruiters want to target the management on their own, some of them want to be exclusive and reach out to them.

In case your company asks for a “second opinion” about their ad, you need to contact the agency that the client has partnered up with, and ask them to reach out to the client.

2. Customer Service

Before you launch any staffing agency or create any jobs, the first thing you need to do is to offer to provide customer service for the agencies and clients. That means that when there are issues arising, you need to be there and support the client and not the other way around.

In case you have a client that wants to pay less than the advertised amount, you need to facilitate that for the client. In case you have a client that has issues with the amount that they have to pay, you need to assist them in rectifying that. In our experience, this is the only time when the client is concerned about the bottomline. This is not the time to be calculating, and create a mess out of it.

3. Marketing the Job

The second thing a staffing agency needs to do is to market the job to all the people who are looking for the job. You need to create a feeder channel, where people will be getting engaged for that job.

It doesn’t matter how they get engaged, whether they get engaged by sending you an email, commenting on a Facebook page, etc., but you have to create the channel.

4. Advertising Job Ad

The third job ad that a staffing agency needs to do is to create the job ad for the job.

How do you create a job ad that will result in higher conversions? Because you have a lot of competition. This is when you want to spend time on creating your company brand.

5. Scheduling

Fourthly, you need to make the schedule. Don’t leave the scheduling to the client. Do it for them. You need to schedule the interviews. We mean, the agencies need to know the times that they will be doing the interviews.

Clients will request the dates that they want to be interviewed, so they need to know that they can’t change the dates for their interview. So you have to schedule the dates for them.


Staffing agencies provide professional recruitment of skilled workforce to meet the business requirement of clients. These agencies are used to cover the shortfall of staff within the organization, to develop job profile and to make the best use of time of candidates. They provide an efficient and cost effective way to hire the right talent for your business.

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