What is a pathology lab test?

You surely have heard of pathology centers. Well, the pathology centers are something that one often mistakes as a clinic, and some consider it as the laboratory only. A pathology lab is basically the fusion of clinical methodology and laboratory.

You might not get the great importance of the pathology labs and centers because you will get the test results right on time. But it has great importance and vast scientific technologies.

This blog discusses the pathology labs, the definition, the importance, and the procedures they maintain. Let us get started. To understand the concept better, the term pathology and the pathology lab need to be defined.


The dictionary definition of the term ‘pathology’ stands for the scientific methodology that is used to determine and detect any diseases that are caused by internal or external functions. Basically, the pathology department is one of the medicine departments that deal with the forensic and sample testing of the human body.

On the other hand, the pathology lab is the laboratory that is used for the scientific examination of the test samples of the human body.

Importance of the Pathology labs

The pathology laboratories are important because it acts as the connection between the medicine and the pathological science. The subject of pathology is a very dear friend to medicine, but it has two different parts.

The first one is clinical pathology, and the other one is anatomic pathology. The clinical pathology mainly determines the different fluids of the body and detects the disease, if any.

What procedures are taken in the pathology labs?

The more the technology, the more accurate the results will be. The pathology labs undergo various methods to determine if the patient is having any disorder or not from the samples. Thus, it needs in-depth knowledge of science and the uses of technology in the correct sequence. The various way used are mentioned below-

  • Microbiology

The term microbiology is derived from two different terms, namely the ‘micro’ meaning small or too small, and the term ‘biology’ meaning the study which deals with living organisms. Thus, the pathology labs use microbiology to understand the microorganisms present in the samples.

  • Immunology

The term ‘immunology’ is derived from the term ‘immune’. The body’s immune system acts as protection from foreign microorganisms to prevent the body from getting severe diseases. Thus, the study of immunology is very important in pathological labs to identify infectious microorganisms in the fluid samples.

  • Hematology

One of the most important branches of medical sciences deals with the study of hematology. It is the study of blood-forming organs and blood cells. It is used in pathology labs to identify the correct measurements of different elements in the blood samples.

The pathology labs use many other technologically improvised machinery and equipment that help in determining the accurate results from the blood and other body fluids.

The anatomic pathology labs use high-definition tools like MRI machines, electrocardiograms, and CT scan machines to determine the problem in the patient’s body and produce the results accordingly. It helps the doctor to treat the patient with more concentration and helps him overcome the disease sooner.


The pathology lab has a great significance in society. The pathology labs assist the whole medical science and hospitals in different ways. Without the pathological reports, doctors will not be able to diagnose the patient from the root cause of the disease.

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