What does auto insurance cover to travel to the United States?

Whether on vacation or work, if you want to cross the border to the United States or Canada driving your car, you need to have special insurance. This product is called: Auto Insurance for Tourists or, USA Civil Liability Insurance and is a requirement to be able to cross the border, whether your insurance in Mexico or Canada provides you protection in the United States or by acquiring a temporary policy.

The car insurance for foreigners in the USA contains coverage for damages that you cause with your vehicle, either to people or their property. But it also includes the coverage of Medical Expenses to the occupants for bodily injuries and the medications that they may require as part of their treatment.

Finally, in the event of the death of any of the occupants of the vehicle as a result of an accident, there is coverage for the repatriation of the body.

The minimum insured amounts required by US law are as follows:

– Civil Liability damages to persons: $ 5 thousand dollars

– Other accidents: $ 25 thousand dollars

– Medical expenses to occupants: $ 25 thousand dollars per accident

This type of coverage does not operate when:

– The insured car does not have foreign plates

– The insured causes intentional damage to the vehicle

– Damage caused to property owned by the insured

– The vehicle has commercial use

– The insured car participates in competitions or drag races

– That the vehicle circulates with people outside (box of a pickup, for example)

Additional coverage

If you think that a mandatory Civil Liability coverage in the United States is similar to mandatory insurance in other countries, you are wrong. Although both basically cover damage to third parties and materials caused by the insured car, insurers that offer coverage in the United States generally include other additional coverage such as:

– Roadside assistance

– Small breakdowns suffered by the insured vehicle (power supply or gasoline supply), locksmith

– Crane towing with specific number of events (two or three per year) and an approximate limit of $ 300 dollars

– Tire change due to puncture (it is also hit by a certain number of events per year)

– Supply of oil or liquid necessary for the car to run (encountered at a certain number of events and with additional cost)

– Substitute car rental in case the insured car is stopped in a mechanic shop or is stolen

Other types of assistance

– Legal and administrative advice for the processing of identification documents such as visa or passport, in case of loss

– In case of forgetting or loss of the vehicle keys, the locksmith service is included, with the exception that the duplicate must be covered by the insured

– It even offers tourist information about the tourist attractions of a particular destination, which includes: museum hours, shopping centers, events, restaurant and theater reservations

Tips for driving in the United States

Some important tips are:

– Each state has its own regulation

– In case of being stopped by a traffic policeman, you must present your driving license in that country, as well as your passport

– In an emergency you should call the emergency number 911

– Fines for not following signs can be very expensive

– Speed ​​is measured in miles and fuel consumption in gallons

– You must give free passage to emergency services such as patrols, firefighters or ambulances

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