What Can You Do in Waikiki at Night?

Honolulu’s heart, Waikiki, has been labelled as the world’s most famous beach resort too many times. It’s also the small region of Honolulu that’s visited the most by tourists in Hawaii. Apart from its aesthetic environment, Waikiki has some great hotels and resorts to offer.

Waikiki Beach is an all-time favourite place for Hawaiians to go for bathing, but now it’s mostly flooded with tourists from all over the globe. Most of Waikiki’s best hotels and resorts can be found on Kalakaua Avenue, and that place is fully loaded with public places where you can do the shopping and other fun stuff. Before, when it wasn’t that renowned, Waikiki beach was used to receive royal guests.

The two-mile sand trip along the coast side is undoubtedly the main attraction of Honolulu’s heart. It has various fun outdoor activities to do like canoeing, snorkelling, and of course, surfing.

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Meaning Behind the Name Waikiki

Waikiki was first known after Moana Surfrider; its first hotel was established on the seacoast in 1901. The name ‘Waikiki’ means ‘spouting waters.’ It was named like that due to its forceful tides, world-famous for surfing!

Waikiki Walking Tour

Waikiki’s walking tour is perfect to truly feel and witness the authentic beach feeling Waikiki has to offer. It’s also an easy way to discover Waikiki beach since you don’t have to pay a handful of money just for parking. Don’t forget to grab your credit cards, though, because the things Waikiki Beach’s shopping area has to offer are simply too hard to resist! You can simply wear your swimsuit, pack your supplies, and walk around the shore.

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Waikiki Beach at Night

After dusk, it seems like the whole Waikiki Beach is lightening up. There’s joy everywhere you see. People are singing and dancing all around the beach shores. Waikiki beach is the party’s life at night. Fancy lounges and classy clubs are all around the corner. Here are some to check out during your night stay in Waikiki Beach:

1. Rumfire

Well-renowned among the residents, it’s a must-visit to witness Waikiki Beach’s nightlife. Their innovative cocktails and Asian Cuisine are to die for! Their dance floor is so groovy you would have no choice but to go dance on it. The view outside the bar is breath taking as well.

2. Mai Tai

As the name suggests, it’s famous for its Mai Tai. It has the best Mai Tai in Waikiki Beach. This is probably the best bar to go fancy sunset in. Since it’s a part of a luxury hotel, the rates are pretty high. But their services and the views this bar has to offer are worth every penny spent on it.

3. Maui Brewing Company

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or not, the home-brewed beer here would make you fall in love with beer. Their beer is very flavourful and tastes extremely authentic. It’s full of life beer bar, they play music all the time, and the drinkers are dancing and enjoying their time here throughout. If you’re on a trip to Hawaii with your friends and want to discover the nightlife at Waikiki Beach, this spot should be a must-add. It’s undoubtedly very charming and heart warming.

4. Bar 35

Are you worried about your budget? Bar 35 is just where you need to be! It’s one of the most affordable yet classic places to visit during night time at Waikiki Beach. It’s the perfect hipster lounge with authentic home-brewed beer, and their live music adds to the whole vibe of the bar. A tall mug of beer and a cheesy pizza is all you need to buy here to have an amazing time! A night out at Bar 35 is an ideal place for a romantic date with your better half without having to spend too much. Click Here for Villas in Hawaii

5. Duke’s Waikiki

It’s a very lively bar to eat and dance at. Their old-school-themed bar is very renowned for paying homage to surf legend Duke Kahanamoku. The aloha spirit here will surely give you an adrenaline rush! You can either remove your shoes and relax sitting on the beach’s sand or go to party in their bar. Either way, it’s going to be fun. Waikiki Beach is truly one-of-a-kind places to visit in Hawaii.

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