What are the steps companies should take for the safety of their phones?

The mobile devices provided by the companies to the employees can get stolen or lost frequently. After work, employees use these devices for personal use as well. Therefore, a company must prepare for these circumstances since these devices can get lost or stolen.

How does MDM protect stolen or lost corporate mobile devices?

It is crucial to note that if the mobile devices of companies get stolen or lost, they could lose valuable data if it is not backed up, or the company’s client or operative data can end up in the hands of cyber-criminals leading to a data breach. Companies must enforce mobile device management (MDM) solutions to secure themselves and their employees from security breaches. An MDM solution is a data security solution that allows ultimately protecting them from data theft.

The MDM server provides IT commissioners with a central support to manage all the mobile strategies used by the company’s employees. IT administrators can remotely add or remove submissions and monitor and configure basic security settings on corporate mobile devices. Unauthorised third parties cannot access the data of a stolen or lost company mobile device. The IT team can also remotely erase the data.

What are the advanced security features of MDM?

When companies enforce MDM on their mobile devices. The advanced security features of MDM that protect the data if a company phone is stolen or lost include:

The encryption of storage

Companies encrypt the data on their mobile devices with MDM software technologies to secure sensitive company information and data.

Remote wiping with MDM software

A stolen or lost company mobile device can be easily hidden and challenging to locate because of its small size. Once corporate mobile devices have MDM software fixed, IT superintendents can easily wipe all the company data from the lost or stolen devices from the MDM server console. Inaccessible wiping with MDM software precludes hackers from getting unauthorised access to any sensitive company data stored on mobile devices.


Biometric authentication or authentication is an essential data fortification and mobile safekeeping layer of MDM software protecting the security of companies’ mobile devices. MDM software uses fingerprint solutions and facial recognition to unlock specific submissions on the company phone.

What are the benefits of enforcing MDM on mobile devices?

MDM solutions make it possible to create two separate workspaces on mobile devices, one for the personal use of employees and the other for company use. IT administrators can access the business workspace but not the employee’s personal space, ensuring privacy policies observe GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other privacy policies.


Companies implementing an MDM solution on their mobile devices will not experience data theft if their devices are stolen or lost. The IT administrators can access the location, security settings, mobile applications, corporate data and emails of all devices at any time.

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