What Are the Most Common Sex Offenses in New Jersey?

Sex crimes are basically criminal offenses, which happen during sexual acts. The offenses may happen with mental capacity, violence, and without consent. Both parties should consent to have sex. When the victim doesn’t give consent, sex allegations may occur.

Everyone deemed handicapped mentally can’t give consent to have sex. This is why sexual acts with groups, including those creating or possessing child pornography, are criminalized.

Specialists like Keith Oliver Criminal Law expert can deal with several sex offenses in New Jersey. Some of these may include:

1. Sexual Assault

Getting charged for a serious offense is a challenging thing to deal with. And most of the time, the punishment can be very severe and have a long and damaging impact when it comes to your biodata. But being charged with a sexual act is more severe and devastating.

Basically, sexual assault may mean engaging in sexual activity with another individual without their consent. Its categories may include using forceful language, making a person feel uncomfortable, rape, and touching inappropriate places.

The punishment for any form of sexual assault can attract a hefty fine and around three years of jail time in New Jersey.

2. Solicitation and Prostitution

Although most crimes, like prostitution, solicitation, and pandering, are misdemeanors in New Jersey, they may lead to serious consequences for defendants.

Penalties may include fines, probation, jail time, and other harmful consequences affecting the accused’s personal life, reputation, and employment.

Most of these arise from street sting operations and the internet. Undercover police represent themselves as prostitutes to regularly lure customers into compromising different situations and charge people with solicitation as well as offenses related to prostitution. These may include:

  • Pandering
  • Businesses and agencies accused of providing sexual services
  • Massage services provided by independent agencies or providers
  • Escort prostitution arrests and service solicitation
  • Street-level prostitution

3. Statutory Rape

This sex crime can be defined as sexual intercourse by an individual older than eighteen years with a male or female who is not of legal age. Even when both parties gave their consent and engaged in the sexual act, the sex crime has still happened.

In such a case, the prosecution may charge an individual with this kind of crime. This is irrespective of whether or not the person is not of age.

4. Public Sexual Indecency and Indecent Exposure

New Jersey’s law prohibits people from exposing their genitals in public with the intention of offending or frightening others. This entices sexual response from an individual who witnesses the sexual act or gratifies the sexual desire of the perpetrators.

The exposure of female breasts in public is not regarded as exposure of genitals. So this automatically makes it legal to breastfeed infants in public. Plus, exposure to underwear is also not enough for charges of indecent exposure.

A Good Attorney is Key!

Experience is an indication of whether an attorney can offer you the best representation you require when dealing with sex crime allegations. Finding a good sex crime attorney in New Jersey with enough experience is more important when defending charges as serious as sex crimes.

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