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What Are the Most Common Garage Door Issues?

It’s almost impossible to determine the exact number of times a garage door opens and closes in a year. According to statisticians, on average it’s more than 1500 times. With so much heavy lifting on a regular basis, garage doors are susceptible to a range of problems. So, as a homeowner, you will often find yourself looking for a reliable company doing garage door repair Garner.

Are you wondering what are the most common garage door issues you may face? The section below talks about them.

Dysfunctional Opener Switch

Is the door refusing to budge when you press the opener switch? This may happen due to several reasons. Check whether you have mistakenly kept its lock switch on. With the lock switch turned on, the garage door will never budge.

If that’s not the case, check the motor. Most garages have the motor attached to the ceiling light. Find out whether the motor is plugged or not. An Unplugged motor can stop the door from budging.

If neither of the above situations is true for you, the problem appears to be more complex. There might be defects in the photo-eye sensor. The issue may occur also because of the tripping of the circuit breaker.

Dysfunctional Keypad 

Some garages don’t come equipped with a keypad. If your garage has one and it appears to be faulty, you must first ensure that its batteries are not dead. If everything is fine with the batteries, the keypad might require reprogramming. You can reprogram the keypad on your own following the door’s original manual. However, if you are not tech-savvy, it would be wise to call an experienced repair person to do the job on your behalf.

If the batteries are okay and reprogramming fails to solve the problem, the door’s antenna might be faulty. A defective antenna can stop the keypad from functioning properly. That’s because the antenna receives signals from the keypad and enables the proper functioning of the door.

Garage Door Not Opening or Closing 

Your garage door can become unresponsive to signals you send due to different reasons. If the batteries of the keypad or remote are dead, your garage door will stop moving. So, before you call the repair person, always check the batteries. The problem may also occur due to disconnection from the power supply. If none of the above stands true, call a professional right away to detect and solve the problem.

Motor Runs but the Door Is Not Moving 

One day you may see that your garage door’s motor is running once you press the open switch but there’s no movement of the door. This happens mostly when the limits are off. If that’s the case, adjusting the limits will end the problem. However, if the problem persists, seek professional assistance to see whether the door has got disconnected from its belt.

Final Words 

If you want your garage door to stay in good shape for years, you must get it checked by professional garage repair workers once every year. Do so even if the door is working fine. This will help in detecting problems before they become too big.

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