What are the 3 E’s of safety?

Devising a new framework for safety enactment improvement demands a complete schedule with safety best approaches, risk administration, workplace safety administration procedures, and effective safety supervision. Nevertheless, understanding these aspects will presumably require extra effort in understanding the 3 E’s of safety – education, engineering, and enforcement. 

Yet, spending a bit of time to understand what the three E’s are is much easier than undergoing the process of hunting construction accident lawyers to save you from the unforeseen. 

  • Education

Education is meant to boost a person’s knowledge of a matter. Finding communities that recite the exact safety education and training period after period and anticipate improvement amazes me. 

It’s not common to locate firms utilizing the same old script for training that has been operated for half a decade. As a result, the significance of this training has long gone by the wayside.

Acknowledging and adapting OSHA and holding up to date with modifications can be accomplished by buying an up-to-date version of the available OSHA book and assembling study groups with workers and supervisors. 

Safety commitment members can then utilize this book and spread out some valuable and much-needed knowledge to solve arising problems or dodge major mishaps as a whole. 

  • Engineering

Simply put, engineering assists you in constructing a safe working environment. You can integrate it with education and motivation to handle the precise requirements of your company’s environmental, health and security agenda. It’s a comprehensive concept employed to define the strategy, growth, execution, operation, and supervision of both grade control schedules and physical security measures of workers. 

Previously, it was about examining the conduct of machinery, but now it is more about evaluating how employees use these machines and how they perform these processes. 

  • Enforcement

Enforcement is a topic that multiple leaders don’t desire to speak about. Yet, it’s a matter of multiple links with damages, termination, and other discomfiting results. Any institution, association, or group that does not implement standard behaviors is bound to fall due to the confusion constructed by those who do not observe the anticipations.

To deal with this obstacle, enforcement of secure work procedures should be approached to tight conduct accepted by the community. This would help both you as a firm to dodge the need to reach out to construction accident lawyers and the employees by keeping them safe. 

Of course, constructing a safe work setting doesn’t mean you have to register a new rule every time someone gets injured. Still, sadly a considerable amount of institutions function this way. 


To summarize, the three Es of safety consist of education, engineering, and enforcement. Education concerns training workers about work-related threats and helping them understand the precautionary steps that could be taken to solve or avoid them. On the other hand, engineering focuses more on constructing a safer environment for the workers. More of undertaking equipment than could help them get done with the process. Enforcement is simply confirming that employees comply with all required safety-related regulations. 

But if you still find yourself in a situation that requires professional help, make sure you reach out to construction accident lawyers immediately!

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