Ways to Maintain Discretion While Using Adult Diapers

Contrary to the misconception that only old and ill people suffer from incontinence, numerous active and working people also face this problem. Incontinence is a severe medical disease where the one facing this issue has little or no control over urination. Still, there are numerous adult diapers available in the market that can help manage the problem.

The challenge is that people who use them want the products to be discreet and carry on with their regular lives. But there’s no need to worry as several products available enable you to maintain discretion while using adult diapers like a Friends economy diaper.

Victims of incontinence require that their diapers be compact and comfortable to take with them wherever they go. Read on to learn about some practical steps to have discretion while adult diapers are being used.

Select Accurately Sized Clothing

Several people might disagree, but clothes do play a vital role in the discretion of their diapers. To wear the correct apparel size doesn’t mean getting clothes that are 2 sizes bigger for you and are loose to conceal the diapers. Adult diapers are manufactured in various price ranges, colors, sizes, and shapes,  that will not protrude under your regularly worn outfits.

To wear the proper clothes implies that one needs to be comfy enough as they will conceal the diaper well, saving you the trouble of regularly conforming to conceal the diaper. This is especially essential when you’re at an event or in a public place.

Find the Best Place for Storing

Keep the diapers handy, choose a spot where they can be easily reached if an urgent need arises. Have some fresh diapers in your office, in your vehicle, or a bag or purse that you carry around regularly, always good to carry a spare.

If an accident occurs, it will be easy to change quickly without drawing attention to yourself. This saves you time as well as the embarrassment of having to explain your visible discomfort, it is highly beneficial to keep a clean new diaper at arm’s reach, especially, one’s place of work.

Choose the Right Sized Diaper

Clothes need to be worn that are exactly your size, not too loose or not overly tight, some may think this to be a good idea but it can cause the diaper to be squeezed in with minimal breathing space.

Securing and concealing diapers is as important as selecting the right sized diaper. Wearing an incorrect size might affect urinary or bowel leakage conditions. Be sure to buy diapers that suit your body measures. Do not settle for diapers that are ill-fitted as you might end up in an unwanted situation, having to do extra work making sure nothing happens.

Safely Dispose

Use bags to dispose of dirty diapers, choose ones that are used for diapers specifically and not garbage bags or ordinary plastic bags. Be sure to stock up on disposal bags while you buy adult diapers as they are equally important. It is very useful and should not be turned a blind eye to as it promotes safe, healthy, and discreet disposal.


Incontinence can indeed be faced by people of any age group, and gender. Thus, there is a need to be discreet with the use of adult diapers. Currently, you can find different types of adult diapers and pads on the shelves of retail shops and online stores like Genesis.

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