Watch Out for These Tricks Sellers Use to Pass the Home Inspection

Like a buyer intends to fetch the most righteous deal for himself to save their resources, a homeowner also desires to have the near-perfect deal for himself. However, the only difference is that the seller might be willing to undertake some unethical actions to reach their goal. 

This implies that reaching out to experts like Hawkeye home experts is important to unveil all the hidden flaws. Till you find one ideal match, here are a few tricks that you should know a seller can play to pass the inspection. Have a look. 

Seller trick #1: Oblivion is joy

Sellers can be held responsible legally and financially for issues they intentionally conceal, so it is recommended to opt for a reliable home inspection, as they precisely look through to disclose what they can find, nothing less nor more, to present a true report. 

But what we understand is challenging to ascertain, and some sellers become anxious about being imprecise. Others may try to cover up the ages of HVAC systems, heaters, and other machines by expressing they aren’t aware of how old they are.

What to do:

Carefully go through the home inspector’s statement, including between the lines when the inspector asserts phrases like “a lot of problems” or “a significant issue.” Then, ask the agent that fetched you the house to approach the seller for more details and a disclosure form.

Seller trick #2: Decorative cover-ups

At times sellers don’t acknowledge how severe a problem is and try to be helpful by formulating a momentary fix. 

Covering up the detaching mold of AC or not disclosing the remodeling issues to the inspectors can complicate things down the lane. Likewise, this could even lead to legal suits if the buyer finds it too faulty. 

What to do:

If you see new countertops or fresh paint that stands out corresponding to the rest of the place, ask the sellers why they substituted these things. Sure, that room door is new — but is everything in that section of the house new. Question and proceed only when you feel satisfied. 

Seller trick #3: Downplaying concerns

Sellers might be embarrassed that a drainage line cracked and overflowed the basement, or their house’s illumination system burned down during a thunderstorm. Still, buyers are likely to sense comfort when they know the full narrative. Some sellers opt to proceed once a house crosses a specific age, and they can’t afford the care; buyers should be well aware if that’s the scene here.

What to do:

Hawkeye home experts darts for indications of erratic care, such as dusty air ducts, old filters of AC units, and augmented particle panels around the plumbing. Reasonably but firmly seek more facts, permits, and documentation about anything the seller waves out.


A homeowner isn’t mandated to fix every problem you uncover; however, if the assessment reveals things the homeowner didn’t initially reveal or clarify in detail, legally, you hold the right to step back from the sale. You and your representative likewise can bargain for the seller to do the restorations or lower the price so you can bear them yourself. 

However, it is all subject to the proficiency of the home inspector you hire. Thus having the right inspector like Hawkeye home experts is important.  

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