Unemployment and Limited Job Opportunities for Individuals

Some may argue that there is a wide range of job opportunities and need individuals to reach the specific requirements and standards. Even while being qualified for many jobs, one may need to have enough job opportunities around them to join them. When the number of unemployed individuals is significantly greater than the number of jobs around them, it can be truly a struggle. Even though there are agencies like the Temp Agency Brunel that provide job opportunities, there still is an imbalance of job opportunities and the ones seeking them, which has caused many problems that affects an individual and community as a whole

Statistics of Unemployed Individuals

In the USA alone, there was about a 4.6% unemployment rate reported latest of October 2021. From January 2021 to September 2021, the unemployment rate ranged from 4.8% to 6.7%. Even though there are agencies such as Temp Agency for engineers working towards providing jobs, the unemployment rate still is high. In the UK ons gov UK reported during November 2021, the rate to be 4.3%.

Taking the example of the Temp Agency for engineers, they provide jobs to engineers, which can help reduce the number of unemployed engineers. But, through the years, the unemployment rate of engineers has still been high. Similar is the case for people of other professions. This imbalance between the number of unemployed individuals and limited job opportunities negatively impacts an individual and the community.

The Impact on an Individual

Unable to find a proper job despite having the qualifications and degree can be very frustrating and hectic. This rising stress and uncertainty impact an individual’s physical and mental health.

Physical Health Being Impacted

Being unemployed can be very stressful at times. The anxiety and stress, and all this uncertainty can lead one to feel lost. When a person feels lost, they might turn towards things to get rid of the stress, eventually leading them to start smoking or smoking more frequently if they are already used to smoking.

Smoking does more harm to your body than it could do good. Lung cancer is one of the most harmful aftereffects of smoking. Furthermore, excessive smoking can lead to brain damage, high risks of stroke, and macular degeneration. Another path one may take of excessive drinking or taking drugs. Any sort of addiction is harmful to the body. Excessive drinking can lead to heart stroke, liver and heart diseases, and cancer. Drug addiction alone has taken many lives over the years.

Mentally Exhausting

An unemployed person may be surrounded by constant stress and anxiety. A person may feel pressure from their family or employed peers around them. Instead of motivating one to try harder, it may instead demotivate and demoralize a person. Especially if one is taunted by one’s around or looked down upon, one can fall into low self-esteem. A person may feel constant headaches due to the stress and find themselves being depressed and alone. It can be a mentally exhausting battle.

Financial Burden

Being the only breadwinner of the family can add extra pressure on you, especially if you have no permanent job. You have your family’s responsibility on you and a need to provide for them. Some unemployed persons may turn towards gambling, hoping to win some money and pay off any debts. The world of gambling is quite uncertain and risky. You may start gambling to pay off debts but might end up having more debts piled. Gambling addiction is also a serious issue and can damage oneself and the people around. The financial burden, in some situations, only ends up increasing.

How it Impacts a Community

In a community or a society, individuals are linked to one another in one way or the other. Sometimes, one thing that may impact an individual may further impact the people around them. Similar is the unemployment case. When unemployment increases and the overall community might face the consequences, there might be an increase in the poverty rates leading to an under quality housing system, poor neighborhood, and living conditions. With the unemployment rate going up, one may find it difficult to afford an education at a college-level or a school level for their siblings or children. The dropout rate of students may increase as a result of fees being unaffordable.

As discussed earlier, an individual may fall into different addictions due to the stress from unemployment. These addictions lead the individual towards criminal activities and cause a neighborhood as a whole to become unsafe.

Potential Solutions for Unemployment

Many online websites or agencies help one find an appropriate job for them. One of the examples of this includes the Temp Agency for engineers. You can enter a particular field you want to work with, showing all available jobs and their requirements. Furthermore, you may find the contact numbers of the one offering the job.

The Role of Government

The role of government is also important when combating unemployment. A government should work on projects benefiting the country and requiring more labor. The government should overall work on creating more jobs and setting more agencies like Temp Agency for engineers. Suppose they cannot help provide any more jobs for any reason. In that case, the government should run programs to help unemployed individuals get through any rising mental health issue and combat any potential addiction they may fall into.

Unemployment is a major issue one may have to face or may have had faced previously. Especially when you spend years in schools and college trying your absolute best to finish your degree and dedicating all your time and hard work, being unable to find a job afterward can be frustrating. Sometimes, people change their entire professions and opt for a job that may be different from what they majored in. Sometimes, doing a different job from their major can cause one to lose focus, reduce work efficiency, and feel upset. Of course, that may not always be the case.

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