Understanding Each Hand In Poker

What each Poker hand means.

Whether you play poker online or in a land-based casino, you need to understand the hands that you can play. Learning what hand is the best to play can save you from losing a lot of money. The probability of getting a high-ranking hand in poker is quite low, however, getting a high-ranking hand will also give you a higher chance of winning. 

Remember, any casino game is a game of chance, even if you do have some control. 

A Royal Flush. 

A royal flush is the highest ranking hand. You have this when you have an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of the same suit. It is also the best hand you can get, however, it is very hard to get this hand as there is only a 1 in 649,740 chance that you will actually get this hand. So, if you do get it, it really is something to celebrate. 

A Straight Flush. 

A straight flush happens when your 5 cards are in sequence and all belong to the same suit, for example 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 of clubs. This hand is also rare with a chance of 1 in 72,192 chance of getting it, however, it is also the second-best hand you can get. 

Four of a Kind. 

Four of a kind is a hand where four of your five cards are the same rank, so this could be 4 of clubs, 4 of spades, 4 of hearts, and 4 of diamonds. This hand has a 1 in 4,165 chance of appearing. Yet, this is also a great hand to get. 

Full House.

Next up is the full house. A full house is when out of your five cards, three cards are of the same rank, and the other two are a pair of the same rank. This would look something like; queen of spades, queen of hearts, queen of clubs, and jack of hearts and jack of diamonds. This is a hand likely to crop up 1 out of 693 times. 


A flush is when you have all cards from the same suit. The cards do not have to be in sequence, just of the same suit. This hand has a 1 in 508 chance of appearing.


A Straight is when you have 5 consecutively ranking cards, though they do not have to be in the same suit. This has a better chance of appearing as 1 in 254. 

Three of a Kind. 

Three of a kind is pretty self-explanatory, this is when in a hand of five cards you have three cards all of the same rank, the other two are not of the same rank. This could look like Ace, Ace, Ace, Five Three. Remember, they do not have to be the same suit. This hand is likely to appear 1 out of 46.3 times.

Two Pair. 

A two pair is also pretty self-explanatory. This is simply to have two pairs. This means that out of your five cards, you have two pairs of similar ranking cards. This could be Ace, Ace, Queen, Five, Five. Once more, these do not have to be of the same suit, just the same rank, to be a pair. The chance of this hand appearing is 1 in 20. 

One Pair. 

Can it get simpler than this? This is a hand where you have one pair among your five cards. This could be Three, Three, Ace, Eight, Four. In this case, you have two threes, so it is a pair. This is not an amazing hand, though, and is the second most low-ranking hand. Although, the chances of getting it are 1 in 1.36. 

High Card.

Finally, the most low-ranking hand is a high card. This hand has no matching cards. If you and your opponent have none of the former hands then you can compare your highest ranking cards, if you have the highest card, you win. You can visit here

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