Types of Commercial Catering Equipment

Whether you run a small or large restaurant, you’ll need commercial catering equipment. These appliances help ensure that your food is prepared to perfection, and they also provide safety features that are necessary for your business. Some of the types of equipment you may find include dishwashers, heating cabinets, and splash backs.

Heating cabinets

Using heated cabinets in commercial catering equipment can help you reduce food waste, save money, and preserve the quality of your food. They can also help your food stay at a safe temperature until it’s time to serve. Caterinc is a leading supplier of commercial restaurant equipment.

These cabinets come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Most of them are made of stainless steel and aluminum. Some also come with sliding shelves, which give you more room to store your food.

Some models even have humidity controls to improve holding conditions. These features can be particularly helpful for those who are dealing with delicate foods like pastries.

Some heated cabinets are equipped with casters, which make them easier to move. These cabinets also come with glass doors, so you can see the contents easily.

Exhaust hoods

Having a commercial exhaust hood in your catering equipment helps you to keep your cooking area clean and safe for your staff. Keeping your hood clean will also improve air quality in your dining room.

You can choose from different types of commercial exhaust hoods. The type you choose will depend on the type of cooking you do. For example, if you use wood burning stoves, you will need to clean your hood more often than if you use char broilers.

Choosing a commercial exhaust hood for your restaurant or catering equipment should be done carefully. Buying an improper exhaust hood may result in safety hazards and failed inspections. Your local government may also have specific rules and regulations about installing commercial exhaust hoods. Commercial cooking equipment is a must-have for any restaurant or foodservice business.


Whether you are opening a new restaurant or a restaurant manager looking for a way to improve your current kitchen setup, commercial dishwashers for catering equipment are a must. These kitchen appliances can help you maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen and lower your customer waiting time.

Depending on the size and type of kitchen you are looking to install, you will want to consider the best dishwasher for your budget and needs. If you are a restaurant or cafeteria, you should look for commercial dishwashers that are durable and able to handle the demands of your busy kitchen. Whether you are looking for a single rack dishwasher or a conveyor model, you will want to look for the best model for your needs.

The Splash backs

Stainless steel splash backs are an obvious choice, but they are not without their flaws. While they do their job well, they have been known to display the occasional bump and bruise. If you are in the market for a commercial kitchen or foodservice equipment, you may want to consider a newer, slicker, and more efficient breed of commercial kitchen supplier. They are a lot more friendly to the operator, and a lot cheaper in the long run. Some even boast a ‘pay-for-use’ scheme that can be tailored to fit your budget. They have a wide range of products in a variety of price ranges, from budget to high-end. They also represent the best value for money, and have a solid warranty and after-sales support team. They have also been known to stand up to the rigors of use for years.

Table settings

Several elements are needed to set a table. The elements include the utensils, plates, glasses, pitchers, linens, flowers, and seating arrangements.

Each element serves a specific purpose. For example, a pitcher or pitchers are used to enhance the color scheme of the table setting. A silver dish or platter can become the centerpiece. A lit candle adds a special nuance to the overall presentation.

Utensils are placed in order of use. The knife is placed on the right side of the plate. The fork is placed on the left side. The salad fork is placed on the outer edge of the service plate.

The charger plate is the largest plate on the table setting. It serves as a base for several courses after the entree. It also acts as a tablecloth protector.

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