Topic: How to study Class 8 Maths with RS Aggarwal Solutions:-

Practicing problems from RS Aggarwal will make you strong with the base over the topics in the Maths syllabus. This drastically improves your confidence to face the examinations. Along with that, constant practice will increase the speed and accuracy, this is essential to score well in final exams. 

As a student taking a step towards the 8th grade, he\she is taking one step ahead to attain the most important stage of their life. This year will not only elaborate your knowledge about the topic you study but also there are going to be board exams that decide your career. 

  1. Rational Numbers:-

This is the first chapter of NCERT Class 8 syllabus. Students of Class 8 would have got the concept in their previous year. That would be the introduction. This year, there is going to be an in-depth analysis of the same chapter. According to RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 8 Maths Ch 1 Ex 1A there is a reasonable amount of number which is expressing its p/q form or also known as a “ratio”. Rational numbers are shown as a collection of p and q, where p is the numerator and q is the denominator. These rational numbers are more or less making our Maths easier. By rational numbers, we can get important calculations. These are the topics that are given importance in this chapter. 

  1. Exponents:-

In short, Exponents have shortened forms of large\significant numbers. When the number is in large form, it cannot be easily evaluated, when it is in form of a smaller version of large numbers, the calculation becomes easier. Also, you will understand that being an exponent, it should also follow\obey some rules. These are different from odd and even numbers. 

  1. Square and Square roots:-

By solving questions from this chapter, students will know about finding squares and their roots from a given number. It is advised for students to solve more sums from RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 8. This chapter also contains questions that are based on rectangular and square roots.

  1. Cube roots:-

In this chapter, you will know about basic concepts involving cube roots. After understanding the concepts, thereby solving questions from RS Aggarwal Class 8 Solutions, you will get a complete understanding of cube roots. 

  1. Playing with numbers:-

As the name indicates, students will be given missing numbers and the students should make it into a correct answer. For example, the sum will have symbols of addition or subtraction in between the missing numbers. Students have to calculate the correct numbers according to the condition. This chapter is such a fun-filled yet informative chapter. 

  1. Algebraic expressions:-

This chapter contains algebraic expressions of variables and constants. There are going to be addition, subtraction, multiplying, and dividing concepts that make the students understand the puzzling level of Maths. Topics like, binomial, trinomial, polynomial make the students understand Maths better. 

  1. Factorization:-

This chapter will be about a detailed explanation of finding a factor of a natural number and an element of algebraic expressions. Here, students will learn the concept by regrouping the terms, factorization using identities. 

  1. Linear equations:-

In this chapter, you will learn about what comprises an equation, how equations remain the same even after their LHS and RHS is been interchanged. Also, you will be introduced to a new concept called “transposing”, moving numbers from one side to the other. 

  1. Percentage:-

Percentage becomes easier when you understand about comparing numbers with percentages. I.E. Talking in percentages than pointing the number as 100. This chapter is not only scoring but also, you can use these calculations on daily basis.

  1. Profit and Loss:-

This chapter can also be heard a lot in daily life activities like Percentages. This chapter helps you to calculate profit and loss which will also help you to understand the daily activities such as working with commercials. 

  1. Compound Interest:-

With the Knowledge of Simple Interest, like principal, several terms (period), rate of interest, it becomes easy for you to learn compound interest. Although compound interest is a little tough, that is where RS Aggarwal Class 8 Solutions is there to clarify all your doubts. 

  1. Direct & Inverse proportions:-

When you practice questions that are relating to direct and inverse proportions from RS Aggarwal Solutions for class 8, you will get to know about the usage of right proportions and inverse proportions. 

  1. Time and Work:-

This chapter is such an essential topic because this not only helps the students to score good marks in final exams but is also a great use for students preparing for competitive examinations. 

  1. Polygons:-

In this chapter, students will learn about 

  • polygon, 
  • convex polyhedrons and 
  • Regular polyhedrons. 
  1. Quadrilaterals:-

Introduction to Euclidean Geometry is given. This is a quadrilateral polygon that has 4 sides. This chapter has several memorizing concepts of a quadrilateral. 

  1. Parallelograms:- 

In this chapter, students will learn

  • parallelograms, 
  • properties of parallelograms, and 
  • Some memorizing concepts related to parallelogram. 
  1. Construction of Quadrilaterals:-

In this chapter, you will learn about 

  • problems based on properties of quadrilaterals, 
  • diagonals of quadrilateral are congruent, 
  • Opposite sides are parallel to each other and so on.
  1. Area of Trapezium and polygons:-

This chapter helps the students with calculating the area of a trapezium and polygon using various methods. 

  1. Three-dimensional figures: Chapter 19:-

With the help of RS Aggarwal’s book, you will understand Three-dimensional figures in an easier and understanding manner.

  1. Volume & surface area of solids:-

In this most important chapter, you will learn about calculating the Surface area and Volume of the solid materials. 

  1. Data Handling:-

In this chapter, you are made to prepare a table, collect and organize and record the data provided in the question. The important subtopics to learn is,  

  • Mean
  • Median 
  • Mode.
  1. Constructing and interpreting bar graphs:-

This chapter talks about mapping data that are given in the bar graph form. This chapter makes you attempt problems thereby showing your creativity.

  1. Pie charts:- 

This chapter will be apt when you learn with the NCERT book for Class 8 and RS Aggarwal Class 8 solutions. 

  1. Probability:-

Probability is such an important chapter. This chapter makes you in learning the Position and Potential of various things around us. 

  1. Graphs:-

This chapter represents data that is been organized differently. This chapter will be combinations with algebra, making the student learn interestingly. 

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