Top 5 CompTIA ServerLM certification exam courses and practice tests in 2021

CompTIA Server+ is a widely recognized certification that lets candidates validate their hands-on skills in installing, managing, and troubleshooting servers like IT, professionals. If you aspire to work in the IT administrator or server industry, then CompTIA Server+ certification is your starting point. CompTIA Server+ offers a lot of practices and experiences to refine its candidates. It has become an essential certification if one wants to be gain excellence to be a part of the IT industry.

This certification conducts an examination to test their candidate’s skills.

There are numerous resources such as courses, exams stimulators, and practice tests available for you to choose from the list. Here are some highly recommended and known methods to tackle your CompTIA Server+ certification exam. These courses are offered and organized by experienced developers and trainers. Thousands of aspirants follow these courses to crack their CompTIA server+ certification exam on the first try.

5 CompTIA Server+ Certification Exam Courses and Practice Tests in 2021

CompTIA server+ certification would allow the candidates to work in reputable companies with a high earning of $62k annually. You can take up these courses before taking the official exam and pass the first try with much ease.

1. Server Administration for CompTIA Server+

To validate your server admin objectives, one who wants to take the CompTIA Server+ must refer to this course. You will learn about topics such as installing hypervisors, managing virtual networks and operational systems. One will learn about all the hardware capabilities required. This course validates its candidates about server rooms and units. It also provides practical lessons and practice to carry out essential technical work. It will also cover building a virtual lab environment and managing and configuring any server issues.

2. CompTIA Server+ Exam SK0-004 – Practice test

This practice exam is recommended to go through all the topics and test your information and memory. This part practices exam consists of more than 600 questions, related to the questions in the official exam. It mainly consists of questions about troubleshooting and storage security. With over 600 questions on diverse topics, you can test your information on the official exam. It generally takes some amount of time to complete. This course ensures that the candidates pass with high scores overcoming their stress and anxiety. The updated list of questions provided ensures better scores of the candidates.

3. CompTIA Server+ (SK0–004) Cert Prep: 2 Server Architecture

If you are not so sure about server architecture, this course will help you with all the essential details you need to know. This course comprises a lot of applied lessons such as connecting, arranging and preserving the waitrons. This course covers other topics such as disaster recovery plans, configure RAID arrays, etc., which are covered by this course. As the name suggests, server architecture mainly focuses on the infrastructure of servers. It will let you implement and develop server concepts. They provide a one-month free trial to try out. It covers all aspects and topics that CompTIA Server+ certification expects its candidates to.

4. CompTIA Server+ (SK0-004) Certification Exam – Practice Test

If you want to test your knowledge in server storage troubleshooting, hardware networking, monitoring tools, upgrading software, etc., then this is what you are searching for in the future. It also provides options to choose from in case you’re a beginner. It not only covers the important topics that were mentioned above but also many more. This Practice test consists of about 150 questions ranging from troubleshooting to upgrading. You can easily take this course if you are willing to test your knowledge on various IT topics. Before taking up this course, you can try out their free trial available on the Pluralsight website. It has a wide range of content which the candidates will get the opportunity to learn about for the future.

5. CompTIA Server+ Certification Exam — Mock Test

This part is the biggest and highly recommended practice exam. Taking about the practice, it includes around 605 questions which will help you test your knowledge of CompTIA Server+. The questions available in this practice test are close to the ones in the official one. It offers questions ranging from virtualization, storage, configuring, and troubleshooting issues. You can prepare for your official CompTIA Server+ exam while solving the 605 questions in this practice exam. Software engineers and developers trust it across the globe as detailed explanations are provided for every problem.


As we know, CompTIA Server+ certification is globally known, and it is a big deal for aspirants. The certification validates that the person who owns it is highly skilled in IT technology and controls. It is advised to go through any of these courses to ensure you pass the exam with high scores.

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