Top Five Travel Apps That Make Travelling More Convenient and Safe

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to get those travel plans in order. However, organising a vacation isn’t always easy, as there are multiple factors you need to consider. This includes crucial elements like booking your flights and accommodation, and it also includes planning your stops along the way and finding the best spots to eat.

Luckily, apps have evolved to offer almost everything you could need. You have apps for every purpose, from seeing the point spreads of different sportsbooks to offering greater convenience and safety while travelling.

Top Five Apps

While there are dozens of amazing apps you can use when travelling, we looked at the top five apps we recommend using when travelling. These apps help you book your trip and help you find local tourist spots or establishments crucial to your visit.

One of the best booking apps in the world is Most accommodation facilities use this app, making it easy to find a place to book your accommodation. Not only do they offer competitive prices, but they also have a rewards system. 

If you’re a Genius member, you often stay for discounted prices, up to 20% less than usual. It also has an excellent messaging system which allows you to communicate directly with the hotel or accommodation you’re staying at.


While is great for booking hotels and hostels in the short term, Airbnb is perfect for those long-term homestays. You can often find the best local experience through Airbnb and discounted prices for month-long trips. It connects you more closely to the residents and offers you a better cultural experience.


Kiwi is an all-rounder app that’s great to use when travelling. While its main purpose is to book flights, it also helps you book a hotel, rent a car and plan tours and activities at your destination. Not only that, but this app also provides useful information about the airport you use. 

This includes information such as locations of ATMs, luggage storage and more. Plus, it has a Nomad feature to see travelling packages and allows you to customise your itinerary. This feature allows you to find the cheapest stay and travel plans if you plan on hopping around the country.


TripWhistle is an important app to have for your safety in another country. Each country has their emergency response numbers. TripWhistle provides emergency response numbers for over 200 countries, making it easy to contact police, ambulances or firefighters. It also maps your current location and allows you to send your GPS coordinates to friends and family easily.


TripLingo is essential if you’re travelling abroad, as not only does it help you understand the culture better, but it also helps you speak like a local. This app has several country packages you can download that offer voice translation, key phrases and even a Wi-Fi dialer. 

It also offers cultural norms, a section on how tipping works in that country and safety norms natives follow. TripLingo is perfect for exploring a new city without worrying about the language barrier and sticking out like a sore thumb.

Apps for Every Need

Travelling is always exciting, but it’s important to ensure you have all your plans in order and remain safe while doing so. These apps can be used to ensure you have a more convenient and safe travelling experience, especially when you’re travelling to a foreign country that speaks another language.

Apps are easy to download and use, so nothing stops you from making it easier and safer to travel abroad using the top five apps we’ve recommended above.

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