Top 7 Types of Cranes Used in Construction

Several cranes are used during construction, and each has a different purpose. A crane is a piece of heavy machinery with a tower or platform equipped with cables and pulleys. Cranes are generally used to lift and move the materials and goods used on construction sites. The common use of a crane is in the construction industry and heavy manufacturing types of equipment. You can know more about cranes from Cranes Perth online; you can also buy them from their website. In this article, we gather a list of the top 7 types of cranes used in construction. You can crane hire Melbourne to click here for my list of places.

Rough Terrain Crane:

This crane is mounted on an undercarriage with four rubber tires, designed for operations off-road. The crane’s outriggers extend vertically and horizontally to level and stabilize the crane when hoisting. They are single-engine machines in which the same engine is used to power the undercarriage and power the crane. Rough Terrain Cranes provide the best job on construction sites with uneven, dirt and rocky terrain. Furthermore, they also have mobility and capability to travel around the site, making it an effective support crane for very light hoists on highways, construction and infrastructure projects.

Aerial Cranes:

They are sky cranes because they look like a helicopter and are used to lift large and very heavy loads. Aerial cranes are mostly used in places where reaching by road is very hard or impossible. As they look like a helicopter and can fly like a helicopter, which means they can reach any place. Moreover, they usually lift loads to very high buildings and can do anything in their capacity. They are also used for rescue purposes during natural disasters. 

Loader Cranes (Also Famous As Folding Boom Crane):

They are the hydraulically powered articulated arm fitted Cranes Perth, located on the trailer. They are mostly used to lift the heavy equipment onto the trailer. One of the most special qualities of these types of cranes is that they have numerous sections folded into the small space when the crane is not in use. However, the capacity of loader cranes has increased over the past few years.

Fixed Cranes:

As the name indicates, they are fixed in one location or spot and are mostly used to bring in and assembled at the project’s site. What these cranes lack in mobility, they make up for with the ability to carry heavy loads and reach even great heights. These types of cranes are generally set in place for the duration of the construction project.

Crawler Crane:

Just like the wheeled carry deck cranes, crawler cranes are track vehicles. They don’t have wheels; because they are built on an undercarriage fitted with a pair of rubber tracks. Although this will limit the turning capacity of the crane, the track will allow them to use it on soft ground sites without sinking. There is an attached telescope arm on some crawler cranes that help them change their size, making them highly adaptable on many terrains. However, unlike carrying decks, they are perfect for long-term projects.

Telescopic Crane:

These cranes offer a boob that consists of several fitted tubes, one inside of the other. Using the hydraulic mechanism, extend these tubes to increase or decrease the length of the boom. Most of the cranes used on the construction sites are telescopic cranes. 

Overhead Crane:

It is generally a fixed type crane, also known as the suspended crane. This crane is set up on the two points of the construction site. One of the most famous types of overhead cranes is the Gantry crane. Typically, overhead Cranes Perth are used in industry to lift and move the huge loads from one place to another and are most commonly used to construct bridge support. 

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