Top 5 Ways To Know if You’re Getting an Accurate Tarot Card Reading

Just as you’d find in any profession, there are good psychics and bad psychics. Some are more adept than others at reading tarot cards. Here are five do’s and don’ts to determine whether you’re getting an accurate tarot card reading.

Come To The Session With An Intention

Tarot card readings work best when you have a specific intention. You want to know if you’ll be getting a new job soon — not whether you’re getting a new job. The cards will tell you yes to the latter because at some point, eventually, you’ll probably get a new job. The specificity of the timeline is what makes the question more focused, and more likely to get an accurate answer.

Another example is asking if you’ll meet Mr. Right. If you leave it at that, you’re likely to get a yes, because eventually, your Mr. Right will wander along. Instead, ask when you’ll meet Mr. Right for a more accurate response from the cards.

Read Reviews About Your Tarot Specialist

You wouldn’t buy a car without reading reviews first. You wouldn’t even go see a movie without seeing what reviewers thought. A tarot card psychic is no different. Make sure you take the time to peruse tarot reading online reviews before you entrust yourself to a tarot reader. You could get lucky and find a great one right off the bat, but you’re better off if you read the reviews first

Don’t Believe a Reader Who Says You’re Cursed

If a psychic, medium, or tarot card reader tells you you’re cursed, hexed, or born under a dark sign, get up and walk away. They’re trying to play on your fears to book more sessions to remove the curse or remedy your life path. It’s not about benefiting your life, which a good tarot reading will do; it’s about lining their pockets.

Don’t Listen To a Reader Who Asks Too Many Questions

If your tarot card reader is asking a lot of personal questions, they may be trying to get a read on you, instead of focusing on reading the cards. Good readers may not ask you a thing beyond your name, date of birth, and what questions you have. If your reader is asking about your boss, your boyfriend, and your baby, walk away.

Don’t Book a Second Session After a Vague Reading

Bad tarot readers and con artists will give you a vague reading that could apply to absolutely anyone. “I see good things in your future” is nebulous enough to apply to any situation in anyone’s life. “I see you getting that promotion you’re after, most likely in the next few weeks,” is more accurate and a sign that you’ve got a good reader.

Anyone, from you to con artists to astrology psychics can learn to read tarot cards. The best readers will answer your questions without asking too many of their own and have amazing reviews online. They won’t tell you you’re cursed or hexed or give a reading so vague you have to book another reading to get any details about what’s coming up in your life. Go read some reviews to find the best tarot card reader you can.

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