Top 5 Telugu Female singers compete with actresses.

The Telugu film industry has a wide reputation worldwide. They are constantly making movies and songs that are up-to-date and in the center of the audience’s needs. Like the hard work behind making a movie, everyone involved in the film, the producer, the filmmaker, the protagonist, the heroine, and the rest of the artists, the singers play a role behind the scenes to create a song. However, it is not the singers who attract people by listening to their musical voices, but their form adapts to the number of heroes and heroines in the beauty industry. You can listen to their songs and will be able to do telugu songs download easy way. Today I will introduce you to some of the famous singers competing with the heroines of the Telugu industry in terms of beauty. They have also been able to create a large number of fans. But people know more about their voices and appreciate their beauty.

Sunitha Upadrashta:

Sunitha Upadrashta is a singer who has nothing new to introduce. This beautiful and virtuous woman South Indian performs beautiful songs in almost every language, and it leaves a massive response in the audience’s hearts. The singer has been involved in the Telugu film industry since 1995 and has gifted audiences with one song after another. If you want to judge beauty, Sunitha Upadrashta is no less than any other heroine in the Telugu industry.


On the one hand, this beautiful singer is praised for her beauty, but on the other hand, she is more famous for her melodious voice. Sumangali’s popularity spread after the release of the khadgam movie Nuvvu Nuvvu song. He has given concerts in different places at different times. The number of his fan followers on social media is increasing. Using her social media, Sumangali shows her beauty to the audience. She has presented many different and unique works to the audience. For her brilliant works, she has won many awards in her career.

Gopika Poornima:

Gopika Poornima is a very talented singer who is the wife of Mallikarjun, a trendy singer in the Telugu film industry. But she never had to identify herself as her husband. He has been able to create his own identity and gifted several famous songs. It is difficult to find such a lover of Andra Pradesh who has not fallen in love with his medical age. This charming singer can compete with any other heroine in the Telugu industry in wealth and beauty. Her revenue is increasing day by day.

Geetha Madhuri:

Geetha Madhuri is a middle-aged singer in the Telugu industry who is now a top trendy person. Film associate people are keen to sing with him. The number of fans on this social heroine’s social media platform is enormous, increasing. Geetha Madhuri is a talented singer who can know how to attract and get the audience’s attention. She has already presented many popular hit songs for the industry. She has got different senior awards in her career. She had won the Nandi Award for best female playback singer in 2003.

Ranina Reddy:

Ranina Reddy is a trendy singer in the Telugu film industry. She has sung a popular song top lechi poddi from the movie iddarammayilatho. She looks too hot in her works; She has a massive fanbase on her social media platforms. She had started her career in 2008. Since then, she has moved her career so smoothly. In her short career, she has gained immense popularity. Song lovers eagerly wait to release her songs. Her revenue is repeatedly increasing; She can compete with any other actress in the Telugu film industry. She had also won many awards in her career.

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