Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Trends That Will Drive Businesses In 2021

With a deterioration in the pandemic situation, the use of Artificial Intelligence has greatly influenced various enterprises. As predicted by IDC, investment on AI technology would accelerate to $97.9 billion by 2023. But the potential value of AI has definitely grown due to Covid – 19 situations. According to a survey conducted by McKinsey in November 2020, he found out that the majority of organizations had implemented AI methods for their business purposes. Nowadays with the increase in usage of online modes, the businesses are also becoming digitally connected. Artificial Intelligence has further helped them function more effectively and efficiently. It has even become stakeholder friendly.

Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2021 That Would Help to Improve Business :

· Collaboration of greater cloud space with Artificial Intelligence –

Artificial Intelligence would merge with Clouding in 2021and would also provide vast adoptions of cloud, as said by the director of client innovation : Rico Burnett. It would be possible to compute, manage and check vast quantities of cloud data through the proper utilisation of Artificial Intelligence.

· Artificial Intelligence in the field of IT –

The AI programmes developed for the solution of IT have increased immensely in 2021. AI has developed to such an extent that it could auto locate faults in IT sectors and create solutions for them, hence the teams could keep their focus on other criteria; thereby saving time. AIOps when merged with IT processing provides improved decision making, bring out new key processing activities and so on.

· AI in structuring data –

AI would play a major role in structuring the unstructured data with machine and natural  language. Robotic technology can use these to facilitate transactions in an organization. Through AI the unstructured and haphazard data is easily processed to structured one, to produce definite results.

· AI Ethics and code of conduct –

AI is launching advanced features in 2021 that would provide solutions on how to promote AI against major problems, inspiring innovation, and higher economic growth. Areas like Algorithm, data transparency are also highly focused by AI.

· Augmented processing in high demand –

Artificial Intelligence combined with data science course would be highly beneficial since it would promote innovative and automatic ideas in 2021. They are scalable, and they provide heterogeneous data sources. Artificial Intelligence skillfully optimizes the software development processes and finds scope for wider collaborations and improved intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has been a hit listed topic in Computer Science; and is a sub-branch of it. But AI is preferred more over CS. While Computer Science is a diverse and varied concept, AI is regarded as the mere implementation of it in daily lives. The programming language of CS can only be understood by professionals and experts. But AI is considered as more interactive and it responds to almost the end user also. It targets to build machine operated intelligence which in turn would help humans to perform a vast range of tasks efficiently and also effectively. Hence the computer science course is lacking behind with AI gaining popularity.

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