Top 10 Webtoon Websites translations into Japanese and English in 2022

Manhwa is a general term used to refer to comics originating from Korea. Manhwa is heavily influenced by Japanese manga, so in the early stages, the drawings and effects are quite similar to manga.  However, later, when the webtoon (Korean online comics) developed, the paid manhwa began to have its own development.

Manhwa often contains a lot of dramatic elements and a little bit of romance like Korean movies.  In particular, the emotional circuit in the story is adjusted quite well and seamlessly.In recent years, the popularity of the webtoon seems to have exploded not only domestically but also internationally. The reading demand of webtoon is increasing day by day, which requires digital stories, webtoon, more quality and regularly updated. Previously, in the 1990s, on the internet, there were only small stories posted by amateurs. By 2003, when Daum started to provide manhwa webtoon information service, this genre of digital stories really exploded. Since then, the webtoon has resonated and attracted millions of readers. Since 2014, to serve readers around the world, the webtoon has started to be translated into many other languages ​​and posted on many platforms. According to a statistic, every month there are 60 million users accessing with more than 10.5 billion views. In the Google Play Comics app category, the webtoon ranks #1 in terms of revenue. According to the report, the total revenue of webtoon increased from 52.9 billion in 2010 to more than 880 billion last year. This is a pretty big growth.

A light novel is a form of Japanese novel written primarily aimed at young readers such as high school students.  The novel type is spreading to Korea and China and is very excited by authors and readers around the world.  The first Korean light novels are posted in novel updates over the weekend.

Translate webtoon from Korean to Japanese

Webtoon is often considered a symbol of a culture in the field of comics, so most foreign countries will not know about webtoon. But now, with advanced technology, readers around the world have had the opportunity to experience the webtoon. In order to be readable by readers, the Korean webtoon has been translated into other languages, especially Japanese. On the kakao platform, there are more than 30,000 manhwa webtoon titles. Many people still wonder why the Japanese translation is so famous? Firstly, the webtoon has been optimized for mobile devices, so readers can easily read it wherever they are. Second, the translation is always improving year by year. Translation quality is always improved to meet the maximum reading needs of readers. Therefore, Japanese people are very fond of reading webtoons. When reading webtoon, Japanese people can understand more about Korean culture and its diversity.

Translate webtoon from Korean to English

Currently, English is a widely used language all over the world. With the expansion of the webtoon industry, webtoon translations have been born in large numbers. Webtoon attracted more and more attention when it was translated into English and widely disseminated. 30% of survey respondents said that they know webtoons through their translations. But it can also be said that the digital webtoon is threatening the existence of other types of paper stories.

Translate webtoon from Korea to Indonesia

A survey of India, Indonesia, and Thailand countries conducted in 2020 by the Korea Creative Content Agency shows the popularity of webtoons here. About 78.5% of survey respondents said that they enjoyed reading adult webtoon. This number is not surprising because reading the webtoon is free, which makes it easy for people who cannot afford expensive paper books.

Obstacles and challenges when translating webtoon

Although translation costs are not high, translators always face certain challenges. Because the syntax, language of each language is different, this makes it difficult if the translator does not understand the culture of the country. Especially, when translating, there are many words that will be slightly different if they are translated literally.

Translation service Manhwa Korean

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Read top 10+ Best webtoon websites you can discover manhwa for free 2021.

1 – Webtoon.com
2 – Netcomics
3 – Manytoon Comics
4 – Lightnovel.mobi
5 – Freecomiconline.me
6 – Readfreecomics.com
7 – Webtoon.uk
8 – Manhwa.info
9 – Lezhin.com
10 – Freenovel.me

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