TOP 10 UX design examples that you can learn from in 2022

Companies that aim to thrive and succeed among the endless other options that customers can choose from should always be on the lookout for UX design examples that work. Here’s a top 10 list of user experience best practices and trends you should learn from in 2022!

UX design examples in 2022 – Viable in B2C and B2B fields alike

UX design in 2022 is still an ever-evolving field. It encompasses many different fields such as product and web development, digital marketing, as well as market and user research. This holistic process has one main goal: create the best possible user experience for your customers by meeting, or even exceeding their needs and expectations.

This creates a win-win scenario. Your customers are satisfied, you lose fewer users to your competitors, and you can increase your conversion rate!

10 UX design examples to follow in 2022

1. Lightning-fast loading time

Not exactly a big surprise, as the loading time of any website has been a prime factor in its success ever since the internet came into being, with search engines like Google leading the way since 1997. Still, this also means that you cannot make this less of a priority. Users are more impatient than ever. In 2022, everyone wants to find the best solution possible, as fast as possible.

2. Making your UX design “invisible”

The best UX design examples are usually invisible. This simply means that your users don’t notice your design while they are navigating through your site or app and are only focused on their current tasks. The main goal of your UI (user interface) is not just to “look pretty”. It’s also about putting the emphasis where needed, by using the right shapes, colors, font sizes, and pictograms, to facilitate the customer journey of your users.

3. Gamification for more productivity and customer retention?

The video game industry has made a huge impact on how businesses can approach their customers. Inserting gamification elements in your UX design is another great example to maintain the attention of your users and keep them invested in using your services. It is an excellent way to create incentives with points to gain, level-ups, bonuses reached, and more. Essentially, you’re giving another reason for customers to keep coming back.

4. Make everything “findable”

Navigation is a key element in any good example of UX design. In 2022, users tend to run out of patience even more quickly if they can’t easily and quickly find what they are looking for. Depending on the products and services you provide, be sure to implement the right maps, filters, and any other option that reduces the number of obstacles between users and their needs.

5. Transparency is still king in UX

While it may seem like a trivial aspect to mention, many companies can still miss out on user retention by not making their offers clear and “digestible” enough. This is especially prominent in the financial sector with the rise of banking apps. Make your services more understandable with categories, graphs, summarized benefits, and more.

6. Keep it simple

Closely related to navigation and transparency. The best UX design examples are never overly complicated. Reduce the amount of text users see at first glance, add context to your offers, help them save time with filters, and reorganize content to deliver key information in smaller portions.

7. Custom services, personalized user experiences

Thanks to user research, more and more UX design examples in 2022 offer more customizable options to offer a more personalized user experience. Many e-commerce sites and restaurants can make the best out of this by offering products based on previous purchase habits. You can also use the right amount of humor and graphic design to humanize the experience – you can create something entirely different and make it your own.

8. User-onboarding

Another UX design example you can certainly learn from in 2022. User onboarding essentially means educating your users about how to best use your application or site. By placing the right clues and popups to facilitate navigation and help your customers complete tasks, you are guiding their cursor through the process of completing any key action.

9. Making unpleasant routine tasks enjoyable

There are always hidden opportunities to uncover, even with elements that are part of every website or app. Creating a profile, setting up a password, and filling out a contact form can all become part of an enjoyable user experience if you “spice it up” with innovative design, humorous copy, or even gamification elements.

10. Creating data-driven UX designs

Last but certainly not least, the importance of user and market research should never be underestimated. The best UX design examples are rarely the result of chance – they are based on previous information uncovered during qualitative and quantitative research methods.

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