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Tips to sell your property quickly

Predictions are sometimes not “to the letter” – accurate or exact. However, the general feeling is that house prices, though still high, may reduce slightly this year. Consequently, this attracts more buyers and when the demand is high, sellers can take advantage of the situation. Also, spring is usually when some people plan to relocate or use the better weather for viewings. Hence, for those looking to sell property in a hurry, this could be the best time to put it on the market.

However, before doing so, there are a few bits of advice for those interested, including property sellers in Burnham-on-Seawhich could ease the process.

Home staging:  First impressions matter and can “make or break” a property-buying decision.

  • Kerb appeal:  Keeping a neat, tidy garden or outdoor space, with cleaned windows and doors can make a big difference. If there is no space outdoors, some window flower boxes could add to the ambience.
  • Clean and remove clutter:  A decluttered home, with the removal of all personal items, adds space and a clean home ensures that it looks, feels and smells good. It also allows the prospective buyer to have a neutral image to plan on designing/renovating.
  • Space:  Minimum furniture in strategic places can add space to a room. Keeping kitchen counters and bathrooms empty adds to the spacious appeal.
  • Odour removal:  Removal of pet and other odours like dampness or cigarette smoke by using enzymatic (non-toxic, biodegradable) cleaners and air purifiers can make a difference.
  • Lighting:  Natural light is the best, so make sure curtains are drawn and blinds lifted. Also, mirrors and lamps can be tactically placed to enhance the lighting effect.
  • Maintenance:  Any cracks or damp areas in the wall/ceiling should be attended to. All electrical and other kitchen and toilet gadgets should be in good working order so that the prospective buyer knows that extra expenses on repairs will not be required.
  • Painting: A fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour can make the rooms look cleaner, brighter and more spacious. This also allows the buyer to envision the rooms with colours of his/her choice.

Temperature control:  Unassuming as it seems, controlling the home temperature to make it cosy and inviting could be an incentive. If it is chill outside, stepping into a warm home automatically makes one feel good. Similarly, in warmer weather, cooling the house could have the same effect.

Keep rooms according to plan:  If the house is advertised as a two or three-bedroom property, keep it that way. If the spare room is used as a workout space or storeroom, restore the room to the original plan. This will enable the prospective buyer to see the property according to the plan and to visualise what he/she would like to do with the available space.

Office space:  After the pandemic, some people are still working from home. If there is office space, ensure that it is neat and compact, with an excellent internet connection.

Choice of agent:  A major factor for a quick sale at a favourable price is choosing the right agent. A professional and experienced estate agent will see to the administrative work, including optimum advertising and presentation of the property, while negotiating the sale. Also included will be a correct valuation which is of utmost importance. Additionally, with their expertise, they can assist in choosing a reliable buyer for the best price. It is wise to choose an agent regulated by RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors). Their social media presence, with actively updated information, will also help in the correct choice.

Visual viewing:  Now that online viewing of properties is popular, it is important to have professional photographs which highlight the attractive areas and show the advantages of every area of the home, making it immediately appealing to the viewer. Digital enhancement of photos and a video tour of the property could attract potential buyers.

Incentives:  If financially viable, a few incentives as listed below could draw investors more quickly to the property: Paying the stamp duty, applying for permission for change of use (from a business property to residential), obtaining planning permission in advance (where there is room for extension) or paying the solicitor’s fee could result in a quicker sale.

Conclusion:  Property is a major asset and the sale of it should be considered carefully. The fast sale of a house could help physically and emotionally with time, energy and stress levels. However, no matter what the reason for a quick sale is, the seller needs to ensure that it is carried out in the most professional way to obtain the best price according to market rates. Considering the above suggestions will help to do just that.

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