Tips to Help Take Care of Your Photo Books

Regardless of the many digital storage forms available today, some people have realized the benefits of using custom photo books to store images. You can use cute, trendy photo books to better preserve your images without worrying about losing your memories. Although photo books have multiple advantages, such as being both functional and aesthetic, having them for a long time does not occur naturally. You need to actively take care of your photo book to get the most out of it. Here are different tips to help you keep your book in good shape for many years.

  • Keep away from sunlight and humidity.

Natural elements such as sunlight and humidity can have adverse effects on your photo book. For example, too much moisture in the air can cause clamping of your book’s pages. Once they stick together, undoing that may rip the papers apart. It also creates a perfect environment for mildew growth, which affects the paper quality of your book. If you live in a high humid area, consider using an air conditioner to control the indoor surroundings. Exposing your books to the sun causes fiber breakdown, making your book brittle and prone to tear over time.

  • Store out of high traffic areas

Photo books are elegant, and most of the time, people prefer to place them in spaces where everyone can see. However, if you wish to display a photo book in a certain area of your house, ensure that the place has minimal to no movements. Your books may get spills or food particles if you place them in spaces like the dining area and kitchen counter. Consider placing them on a shelf, in a corridor, or place in the house where people hardly go to. Look into other factors, such as whether children and pets can access the area or not. When placing books on a shelf, lay them flat or horizontally to avoid the papers from warping.

  • Use an archival photo box.

These are your book best friends because of their ability to protect against dust, dirt, light, and the human factor. Archival boxes allow you to organize and sort photos while keeping them in a small controlled environment. These boxes are available in different designs and colors, and the one you choose depends on your book’s size and style. Depending on how often you will be reaching out for your book, you can use a deep lid or the popular drop-front storage box. photeeq photeeq

  • Handle your books properly

Although photo books are durable, they can only last for a long time when handled with care. Human hands are prone to substances like sweat, dust, and oils, which can stain books and damage paper quality. Ensure your hands are clean before perusing the pages of your photo book. The same applies to any other person who would want to view the photos. If you leave a fingerprint mark on one of the pages, lightly buff away using a soft dry cloth. Consider framing your book with glass to keep it even safer. 

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