Tips on Choosing a Safe and Peaceful Nursing Home

When choosing a safe and peaceful nursing home for your loved one, you can begin by asking the nursing home for a tour of the facility. During the tour, consider asking about safety measures that are in place to prevent accidents or violence, as well as what type of training all staff members receive.

You need to learn about nursing home abuse and how to prevent it from occurring to your loved one. The nursing home is ultimately responsible for providing a safe environment for its residents.

Keep reading to know the tips to help when choosing a safe and peaceful nursing home

1. Get referrals from those who have been there

If you know someone who has a loved one in a nursing home, ask them if they would be willing to give you the name of their facility and share what their experience was like. If it is a positive experience, perhaps that can give you an idea of how much peace your loved one will find in their new home.

2. Does the facility have a good reputation?

If you can’t get any referrals, you should try to find out other people’s thoughts about the nursing home your loved one would be staying at. You may want to visit online review websites such as Yelp, where past and present residents can discuss their experiences.

3. Are there lots of happy residents?

The nursing home should be where all the residents are happy and feel safe. If you see many unhappy faces, it is probably not the best environment for your loved one to transition into.

4. Do they have an individualized care plan?

Every resident in the nursing home should have an individualized care plan. It should include their likes, dislikes, and needs so that the nurses know how to best take care of them.

5. Is there sufficient staffing?

There should never be a time when your loved one feels unattended or not cared for. A safe and peaceful nursing home will always provide a sufficient number of nurses and aids that are attentive to the needs of the residents.

6. Is there an on-site doctor?

If there is no on-site doctor that visits at scheduled times, then it may be difficult for your loved one to get their prescribed medication since they won’t always be able to get it themselves. You also won’t know if the doctor orders treatments that are unnecessary for your loved one, such as unnecessary surgeries or tests.

7. Can you visit whenever you want?

The nursing home should be welcoming towards family and friends to visit often and without restrictions. Your loved ones should feel like they aren’t being held captive in the home.

8. Do they have a good physical environment?

A nursing home should provide lots of sunshine, fresh air, and natural beauty. Ask if the residents can go outside for walks or if there are nice gardens indoors to enjoy the sunlight throughout the day.

In summary, there are many things that you need to look into when choosing a safe and peaceful nursing home for your loved one. You will want to know that they receive the best care possible so that they can live their final years in comfort and peace, just like they deserve.

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