TikTokLove’s Guide To Make Video Ad Formats(With Examples)

Today, we will guide you through every different type of TikTok’s other advertising formats, how they work, and how every business uses them to fulfill your different TikTok campaigns objectives. In 2021, TikTok had more than 800 million active users worldwide, which records as the most downloaded app. Also, the platform has got a massive global reach that makes it a powerful platform for brands to interact with their larger and engaging audience. On the TikTok platform, the ads manager merged with the marketing partner program that supports opening up the platform for advertisers, activating brands to release their creative side and engage using TikTok’s younger potential audience. 

TikTok gives a fantastic chance for you to push engagement rate and receive innovation using your brand’s personality. Yet, while comparing the new TikTok platform, you might have some doubts about using different TikTok ads and how to use them. This article will summarize and guide your business brands for every other format, how they work, and how every factor can work to fulfill your various campaigns objectives. 

1. In-Feed Video Ads

Do you want to beat your competitors on TikTok by advertising your business profile? If so, start to use TikTokLove by boosting your engagement rate. On TikTok, in-feed video ads are the standard advertising format. It lets you embed a video ad that plays automatically once the user looks at the For You page feed—moreover, these in-feed ads run upto 60-seconds longer. So even though the optimal time frame is 15-seconds, you can play sounds and look like native advertising content as it has the same user interface as organic TikTok posts. 

It is ready to buy directly from TikTok’s ad manager as the In-feed ads employed different campaign standards. Every feature has a clickable CTA button that drives traffic for the external landing pages, app downloads, or even for your brand’s TikTok business profile account. Thus, make your in-feed videos work with a vertical advertising format. Always remember to create safe zones; you must make sure to maintain visually appealing elements. TikTok’s UI overlays shouldn’t stop it. 

2. Top View Ads

Use your brand’s font and focus by occupying TikTok’s prime ad using Top views ads. It attracts the user’s attention by displaying the For You page feed at the tip while opening the TikTok platform. Also visit this blog In this advertising video, you can create a 60-seconds longer video by providing a complete viewing exposure with no other attracting content. 

TopView ads are perfect for creating brand awareness as they assure a massive reach and higher number of impressions for your Tik Tok videos longer. So, brands need to make several excellent placements through the most engaging video that leaves a lasting impression among their audiences. 

3. Take Part In Branded Hashtag Challenge

Do you want to build your brand’s popularity on the TikTok platform? If yes, you can understand how to get more likes and views for your TikTok video engagement. The best solution to pull the attention of your target audience is to design the best user-generated content that has got a branded hashtag challenge by engaging your audiences with the creation of the content. The format works into the following factors:

  • First, you need to have standard video ads displayed in the In-feed placement, motivating users to participate in the challenge. 
  • Secondly, there is a featuring banner on the Discover page that drives traffic to your hashtag challenge page. 

Start Your TikTok Ads

TikTok provides brands with an effective method of communicating among younger audiences. More than 60% of TikTok’s user base are Gen Z and millennials. It supports brands to engage with the audience by providing several advertising formats. Along with your TikTok ads, use TikTokLove to deliver your profile with maximum results by boosting the performance.

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