Things Destiny 2 Fans Learned to Tolerate

The game is great, but it has some issues that haven’t been fixed for years, so the gamers just had to get used to them. Frame rate drops are hated by all players. Imagine getting a lag in Grandmaster nightfall where every second can mean death to you and your team?! Furthermore, the blue gear feels next to useless in the game. Yet, the majority of things we get come with the blue rarity. That rare loot just takes space in your inventory and pushes out more important items from the postmaster like the exotics or masterowking materials. The only consolation is the glimmer and parts you get from dismantling them, but surely there can be better ways of earning these currencies.

Besides that, the armor has had a lot of changes over the years. Most of them were pretty good. Still, some mechanics are struggling. Especially those that are made for chasing builds a better investment path for players. Yet, few players are going to actually go out of their ways to make more builds. Most of them just use the Vault of Glass carry to get the best current gear and not worry about some builds. After so many changes, it still feels like a system no one loves. We just accept it. While you don’t need to invest a lot into armor with the Destiny 2 boosting to be successful, the fact remains that making builds is still a costly system. Once you have the setup with the right stats, you’re heavily limited which mods fit, thanks to armor affinity. If you want to try to build different armor mods, you have to either lose your perfect stat distribution by swapping to a different piece of armor or pay the high cost of changing the elemental type. This change requires too many materials.

Having completed Master Vault of Glass raid, you, of course, will likely not worry about any of that. But those players that try to use the system to make builds are surely not enjoying it. There are so few exotic shards with such a low cap that no one really wants to spend them. Sure, there have been some improvements made along the way for acquiring more materials. But the arbitrary material cap really squeezes down each player when they are working to earn another Destiny 2 power level. It’s difficult as it is to get a steady income of these materials as it is. Limiting the amount that you can have at the same time makes these materials just way too precious. If only you could unlock the element affinity permanently on a piece of armor. That’d make running the Deep Stone Crypt raid much easier for average players. You wouldn’t have to pay the cost of changing the armor’s elemental type, which would allow experimenting with different builds easier. Another reason why players hate the armor affinity system is because of how much unnecessary grind we’re expected to do each season. Running Nightfalls isn’t exactly a walk in a park, but running them one after another takes a toll. So, if you decide to change your armor build, you either have to pay a fee with pretty rare resources or find a different piece of gear with the perfect stats that would replace your current one. Either way, your time is being disrespected. This is the common thing with everything in D2. Trying to obtain Lost Sector Exotics or having to farm-kill the Templar is outrageous. So, many players prefer to make it easier for themselves and use the services of PRO players who can do the same thing that they are but much faster. Going back to the problem – the amount of tokens you get for Iron Banner matches is just not enough. The devs did confirm that the reward system for this game mode will be upgraded significantly, but in the meantime, they could at least increase the token gain. In any case, these are some of the things players don’t like about the game and how they go around solving these issues.

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