The Top Construction Software Solutions to Simplify Your Workflow

Workflow management is an integral component of construction processes. It ensures all stakeholders are on board with each phase and facilitates smooth team collaboration. Having the right software makes it easier for you to manage the workflow of your construction company.

Continue reading to learn about three popular construction software management platforms.

If you’d like to take a look at even more options, you can take a look at this blog post from Bridgit.

Bridgit Bench

Bridgit has a simple mission: to maximize profits in the construction industry by putting people first. Workforce intelligence from Bridgit converts workforce data to actionable insights which inform an organization’s tactical and strategic business decisions.

Bridgit Bench was the first platform to be designed for planning your entire workforce. Bridgit Bench can help you create the most effective teams, whether planning with project managers or requesting workers.

Bridgit Bench makes it easy for your team to collaborate and discuss workforce needs, no matter where they may be. No emails. No phone calls. No gatekeepers.

Consolidating your project administration and field staffing in one tool helps create a common language for planning for your team. This will help ensure that each project is successful and you can make the most of your resources.

Bridgit empowers your employees to update in real-time so that you can focus on driving organizational growth and strategy. Custom permissions are available to ensure that your employees only have access to the information they need for their work.


SmartUse is a SaaS-driven field management solution tailored to general contractors, home builders, specialty contractors, and project owners. Its features include punch list management, drawing management collaboration, and reporting. Furthermore, there is also an iField mobile app for real-time markup drawings while sharing them with team members.

SmartUse is designed for ease of use across multiple devices, supporting real-time sharing capabilities and synchronization features that enable construction teams to collaborate in the same digital workspace, saving both time and reducing errors. Furthermore, its high-quality plan view provides users with zoom/pan controls and side-by-side comparison features, making it easier to detect differences between sheets.

SmartUse costs can vary widely based on business volume; therefore, the best way to determine their costs would be to contact a provider directly and ask for a quote.


LaborChart provides an all-in-one solution for construction workforce management.

By combining the best features of traditional spreadsheets and database systems into an intuitive cloud platform, LaborChart helps teams track project costs more accurately while building better estimates. Companies can communicate with field team members while creating an all-encompassing schedule planning, forecasting, and communications system.

Simplifying workflow by cutting down on time spent updating spreadsheets manually and improving collaboration within project teams, this software can drastically streamline processes. Users are also able to quickly surface relevant resource allocation information quickly while improving collaboration on projects.

LaborChart was recently acquired by Procore, a unified construction management platform that connects office and field teams across all stages of the project lifecycle, including design, planning, construction, and operations.


Paskr is a construction management solution built for every team member on any construction team to bid, build and track great projects efficiently.

The program features:

  • Lightweight CRM functionality
  • Plan Room with version control capabilities
  • Estimating
  • RFIs/Submittals/Change Orders support
  • Billing support

Homebuilders, remodelers, and specialty contractors can leverage this software to streamline their processes. With its powerful estimating and business management tools that enable users to produce takeoffs 80% faster and quotes 5x more rapidly, cost tracking and purchasing capabilities are further improved with this platform.

Users can quickly customize the system to meet their business needs, using its user-friendly interface for client and crew communication and management.

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